On the most popular beach in Rio de Janeiro threw a dead whale

Yesterday local residents and guests of Rio de Janeiro on one of the most popular beaches found the body of a dead humpback whale that washed up on the shore.

The beach is called Ipanema. On it were found a dead animal, which weighs about 30 tons, and length up to 15 meters. After such findings, the campers immediately appealed to the relevant authorities. Soon on the scene arrived the staff of the Brazilian Institute that deals with the renewal of natural resources and environmental protection. The experts found that most likely the animal was thrown ashore on the beach after death.

It is reported that the currently undergoing work to remove the dead carcasses from the beach. At the scene of the incident, local authorities sent a truck, a crane and three escalators. Due to the movement of machinery in the city for a short time blocked one of the streets.

Earlier the BBC reported that in Brazil, the number of beached humpback whales in 2017 has reached the large figure. According to the data only for the current year found 97 marine animals, 95 of whom died.

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