On the Kerch bridge has imposed tight restrictions: “should fail”

На Керченском мосту ввели жесткие ограничения: «должен рухнуть»

Occupants are going to open railway communication in the Kerch bridge and at the same time seriously limit the speed on it

This bridge spanned the Russian Federation annexed Crimea and the Taman Peninsula. The total length of the Crimean bridge — 19 km.

Road bridge opened in 2018. And plan to Commission the railway bridge is scheduled for December 2019. But the occupation authorities say that are strict restrictions on the movement of trains.

На Керченском мосту ввели жесткие ограничения: «должен рухнуть»

In particular, the speed of the trains on the bridge should not exceed 20 km/h. Although the bridge was designed for trains with a speed of 120 km/h.

Invaders invented a crazy reason trains on the bridge will move so slowly. As explained, “Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the government” of the occupied Crimea Mikhail Seleznyov, such a restriction is entered in connection with the desire “to provide an opportunity for tourists to enjoy the view while driving over the bridge the beauty”.

Meanwhile, the Russian media suggest that the matter is not in it. Just over the bridge to go will be dangerous.

Thus, the Russian scientist Yuri Medovar has repeatedly said that the Kerch bridge is built in a very bad place and all “to collapse”.

“By itself, the bridge should collapse, it should not be delayed. There it was impossible to build,” – said Medovar.

As we wrote earlier, the Kerch bridge decided to equip noise screens and racks of lighting on train part. Three-meter panel is designed to protect the environment from the noise of the trains. In this case they are mounted on the portions closest to the shores of the Kerch Strait.

In the press center of the “Crimean bridge” says: “the Same work has already been done in the areas of conjugation of the bridge with a train approaches. Ready solid noise wall length 410 and 480 metres from the Kerch and Taman, respectively. They are made of special sandwich panels with mineral wool”.

На Керченском мосту ввели жесткие ограничения: «должен рухнуть»

In addition, the occupants were engaged in installation of counters lighting in the first phase of bridge construction. On the train part of the Kerch bridge to be about 2.5 thousand stands with lamps. Control the switching on and off will happen automatically.

It is worth noting that fears that the Kerch bridge could collapse, has long been concerned about the Ukrainian government, as it was constructed in haste, and in the case of collapse, he will close the sea of Azov.

Recall that the Crimean bridge tore from the shore: “this fiasco”.

As reported Politeka, Kerch bridge closed the mouths of Putin’s retinue: “not for cars”.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimean bridge was a gift to Ukraine: there is an important statement.