On the favorite resort of Ukrainians unexpected snowfall: “tourists attack”

На любимом курорте украинцев неожиданно выпал снег: «туристы атакуют»

In the Northern part of the country fell a snow in may

The thickness of the cover was up to six inches.

Spring snow in Turkey. In particular, the snow covered the famous ski resort mountain uludağ. Unusual weather phenomenon at this time of year has aroused the curiosity of the resort are literally attacking tourists, writes CNN Turk.

На любимом курорте украинцев неожиданно выпал снег: «туристы атакуют»

However, as reported, tourists are now nothing particular to do.

Tourist facilities in the region closed, as the official season ended. However, this does not stop visitors. They come to make colorful pictures and enjoy the unusual landscape.

According to meteorologists, air temperature in Uludag and the area could fall to -10 degrees.

Earlier we wrote that in August last year in Turkey at the height of the tourist season, the snow fell. The incident occurred in the province of Kars-Kağızman. Due to weather conditions, authorities blocked roads leading to local resorts. Vacationers at some time remained virtually cut off from the world.

На любимом курорте украинцев неожиданно выпал снег: «туристы атакуют»

Cause of the weather was a powerful storm front that passed near.

And though the snowfall from the rain was short-lived (about 10 minutes), the temperature dropped to 7 degrees – an unprecedented drop at this time.

На любимом курорте украинцев неожиданно выпал снег: «туристы атакуют»

Also the local residents warned of possible downpours.

Surprised drivers photographed anomalous weather phenomenon on phones and took video.

And in the United States hail, which fell in Colorado, was the size of a Golf ball. Hail has injured 14 people, some assisted on the spot, nine more taken to hospital.

Witnesses said that the storm lasted about 10 minutes. When people went outside, they saw that the machines broken rear window, body ruined.

At about three o’clock the storm began with rainfall, caught in the zoo about 3,600 visitors — most people managed to find shelter, but 14 people still felt the power of nature. Eight people were later sent to the hospital.

На любимом курорте украинцев неожиданно выпал снег: «туристы атакуют»

The zoo reported that the barrage killed two birds — a vulture Motswari and Daisy duck. More than 400 cars in the Parking lot of the zoo was damaged by huge hailstones. Zoo visitors were evacuated on buses.

Recall, people on vacation in Hawaii became victims of the angry elements, the stones flew out of the sky. The spooky incident was captured on video.

As he wrote Politeka, a terrible storm claimed dozens of lives, millions of people ordered to leave their homes.

Also Politeka wrote that natural disaster has struck at a popular resort, the fire rose to the skies.