On the death of the beloved said the famous actor: the details of the tragedy, “if I were…”

О смерти возлюбленной сообщил известный актер: подробности трагедии, "если бы я был..."

“Someone got her hooked on heroin. I can’t blame anyone for her death, no one but himself,” said the actor

The first love of the famous Russian actor Igor Petrenko died from drugs. This is the actor himself said in the Studio of “the Destiny of man”. The actor told the host of the show that he met when he was still at school, reports Politeka.net.

“We met a girl. Fell in love with each other. She was my first true love. Of course, I thought that over time we will be married, but life decided differently,” said Igor Petrenko.

О смерти возлюбленной сообщил известный актер: подробности трагедии, "если бы я был..."

While he sat in prison, as an accomplice to murder, his first love died.

“Someone got her hooked on heroin. She died from a drug overdose. I have no one to blame no one but himself. If I was there, everything happened differently,” — said Petrenko.

After the tragedy Petrenko realized that I need to change something in his life otherwise he just dies.

“The most important thing I realized when I got out of prison, we need to appreciate life,” said the actor, who is shortly reviewed his life and enrolled in the school Shchepkin.

We will remind, today, we reported on the brutal murder of instagram-blogers. The woman found in the desert of Nevada, poured concrete box. We will remind, 24-year-old model and actress adult movie disappeared almost six months ago in Las Vegas.

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О смерти возлюбленной сообщил известный актер: подробности трагедии, "если бы я был..."

The model had suffered from bipolar disorder. Drug use was the cause of her inadequacy when it came to the house of their neighbors. First ill-fated owners tried to calm her down and then strapped to the bed.

Fearing that the girl may give the man and the woman grabbed her and tried to strangle him. However, the first assassination attempt was unsuccessful, and then Prestipino injected her with poison (cleaning the pool) and then strangled. After he hid the body in a box, filled it with cement and taken to a desert area.

We will remind, the body of a famous Ukrainian found in the hotel room, sad by the whole country: the details of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the truck staged a fatal accident in the Kharkiv region: “soft-boiled”, footage of the incident.

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