On the beach of Australia has found a unique shark teeth prehistoric giant

На пляже Австралии нашли уникальные зубы доисторической акулы-гиганта

The discovery of the remains of the ancient predator is of international importance.

On a beach in Australia found a rare prehistoric shark teeth. It is noteworthy that the set of teeth exceeded several times the size of the bone formations of today’s predators. It is possible to judge that the ancient shark has reached gigantic proportions.

Information confirming the historical discovery presented in the publication “Current news” with reference to Phys.org.

It is known that first discovered the unusual teeth of the giant size of the local resident who was walking on the beach in the heart of Jan JUC, which is located a hundred kilometers from Melbourne, near the great ocean road.

He noted that he was unaware of great value finds, but was impressed, so said the relevant organization.

In the paleontological Museum of Australia confirmed that the remains belong to a predator that became extinct 25 million years ago. Then the shark had a 7-centimeter teeth.

According to scientists, at the time this predator fed on penguins, young whales that made it possible to achieve the size he is nine metres. This is more than the dimensions of the most dangerous white sharks of today.

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