On Cherkashin pohoval morskogo Photinia

На Черкащині поховали морського піхотинця

Spent in the last path has one hero

On Cherkashin spent in the last path has one hero. At Seli Valiava pohoval Bica 36-* brigade marsico photo of Eduard Fedorov. 21-Roni armsi DSTV poranen sche 27 June pid hour bow poblizu the village Vodyane pid Mariupol. Be called a few more days the doctors fought for Yogo zhittya, ale lopezi died. The home that Demba has salicylas mother, sister, brother molodshy I watna squad.

“He has himself discov, he himself dobiratsa yomu Domagala of course I said fine scho scho drove from lorny, VSO scho. We’re only two, but there hotly priate VSI, ale Yak mi Nikonov bojove the challenge, don’t we smogi, ale Yak tilki, video – predemo VSI flies to Demba,” says Roman, battle tovarish sahiblog.

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