Omeljan trusted millions from the pockets of Ukrainians mad: the “no project”, the details of the scandal

Омелян доверил миллионы из карманов украинцев сумасшедшему: "такого проекта нет", детали скандала

The sensational project of the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, designed to accelerate the movement of Ukrainians in the country threatens to fall apart

Economic analyst Marian zablocki in his study proved that the construction of the transport system the “Hyperloop” in Ukraine is a dummy. He said this on his page in Facebook.

As found by the expert, the construction is devoid of all prospects. Because the organizer is the person who does not understand the question. “Foreign company with which the Ministry of infrastructure undertook to build in Ukraine a “Hyperloop” was the company of a local Ukrainian who has no relation to such technology!” explained Marian zablocki. We are talking about the company Octogonal Corporation.

Омелян доверил миллионы из карманов украинцев сумасшедшему: "такого проекта нет", детали скандала

Recently the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian made a new Declaration about the construction of the transport system. He said that Octogonal Corporation is already involved in the development of the “Hyperloop” in Mexico. The officer allegedly promised to keep project details secret, but said: “everything is on schedule”. But an expert assures that no construction works company in Mexico does not hold.

“The company created a kind of Octagonal Ivan Agelink. It in local invest-bankivskih circles know as “local sumasshedshego”. I did back in 2012, when he worked at Erste Bank, where I also worked” — shared zablocki in the social network. — “Ivan was in the habit to create companies that allegedly involved billions of dollars of investment. But pretty soon these companies are closed, then open a new one. And the circus repeats itself again. The first such company was “Ogulcan Capital”, the latter is Octagonal”.

Омелян доверил миллионы из карманов украинцев сумасшедшему: "такого проекта нет", детали скандала

Омелян доверил миллионы из карманов украинцев сумасшедшему: "такого проекта нет", детали скандала

The author said that no sane person believed the promises of Ivan Agrichina. In contrast to the Ministry of infrastructure headed by Volodymyr Omelyan, who personally raspiarili expensive project. “That’s all you need to know about the term “Hyperloop” in Ukraine”, — summed up the Marian zablocki.

#Dubiniskaya infrastructure Minister Omelyan, who has two years talks about the construction of “hyperloop” non-existent company octagon Capital. Rather, the company exists. But it was created by local city sumaschedshiy, which is a trivial swindler. He comb the Omelyan that builds “hyperloop” in Mexico, and he believed. Our “ski instructor-2”. Isn’t is stupid d@BB@EB?Read more from Maryan Zablotskyy

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The scandal was commented by the journalist Alexander Dubinsky. In his video blog he said:

“This is extremely interesting information and magadascar. Because the best evidence that the Minister of infrastructure Omeljan is notebook, perfect Dolby*BOM, and the structure of the Ministry of infrastructure is completely incompetent, not think.”

According to Alexander Dubinsky, in this situation, a crazy Minister believed no less crazy Minister of Ukraine. He called Octogonal Corporation “ski instructor-2” compared with a front man who signed the contract on shale gas production under Viktor Yanukovych.

It is worth noting that the project is not cheap. For project information, in 2013 the cost of construction estimated 10.56 million dollars per kilometer. In 2016, this estimate increased to 16-18 million, excluding land acquisitions. The total length of the vacuum path is still unknown.

We will remind, Ukrainians will be left without minibuses this year: “there is no Alternative”.

As reported Politeka in the Cabinet coming massive layoffs to turn five Ministers, announced the names.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian passengers will fly on older aircraft: the Cabinet distinguished new “pokraschennya.”