Olya Polyakova brought his own daughter, the girl recorded the cry: “Help!”

Оля Полякова довела собственную дочь, девочка записала крик души: «Помогите!»

His daughter Olga Polyakova was horrified by the new fascination of the mother and complained about him, the Ukrainians

Despite his young age, Masha Polyakov vengeance enjoys popularity and is very active in social media, telling followers about what’s going on in her life.

As reported Politeka, this time she has published in his Instagram a video message in which he told about the new hobby of his mom (to watch the video, doscroll down the page). So, according to Masha, Olya Polyakova discovered popular among young people social network TikTok, which allows you to create short videos with music and effects.

“Guys, I have a problem. My mother joined “Tictoc”. Help!”, — clutching his head complains the girl in the video, and then makes a desperate cry.

Оля Полякова довела собственную дочь, девочка записала крик души: «Помогите!»

Mary tried to dissuade his mother from undertaking the use of this social network, signing the video by saying: “come Back with Tiktok”.

The video hit itself Olya Polyakova. While her daughter complains about her mother, the singer happily exploring new social network.

In the comments fans immediately began to sympathize with Mary.

“No luck”, “Minus mom it’s no problem!”, “The two of us to remove tik-Toki fun)”, “Stay”, write the commentators.

Оля Полякова довела собственную дочь, девочка записала крик души: «Помогите!»

Earlier it was reported that his daughter Olga, Masha Polyakova told about the health problems.

She showed a swollen hand, saying that she had received some injury. While Mary herself does not know what happened. About this daughter of the popular singer said in an Instagram-storis.

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“I started to play the piano. I felt the terrible pain. I have arm ached for two days, but it was just terrible pain.

Now I had put her in hot water with salt. I’m going to the hospital because I have some garbage hand” — shared the girl with the subscribers.

She also shared shots of the car in which she drove to the hospital. According to Masha, no one believed that it hand something is wrong.

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@polyakovamusic come back with the TEC current

A post shared by Maria Polyakova (@mashapolyakova) on Oct 12, 2019 at 4:36am PDT

Recall that the Polyakov lit with her daughters and took down the network of vivid video.

As reported Politeka, Polyakov showed grown-up daughter, a beautiful girl: “that’s kitty!”.

Also Politeka wrote that young daughter Polyakova staged adult photo shoot in transparent dress.