Olivier Dufour happen the night, a “living theater” of $ 6 million

olivier-dufour-ne-desespere-pas(Quebec) The Reactor Olivier Dufour into overdrive. The firm’s prolific artistic designer of Quebec initiate a pivotal chapter in its history, in the summer of 2017, in Montreal, with the presentation of a major show that will keep the show for three months. This proposed $ 6 million then decline in several cities around the world.

In exclusive interview to the Sun, Olivier Dufour says that this achievement bears his wildest hopes, those he once caressed when it is launched in the profession. “That’s what I always wanted. I really comes to what I wanted to do. It’s been 16 years that I fight to get there. ”

Called the night, this interactive show will lead the viewer for more than four hours in an immersive world where a gallery, forty in total, will be used to give them a range of sensations.

“This is the closest of the living theater, as if you entered a movie set, he said. This is a project halfway from many disciplines. It’s like a new medium, while at the same time, I find it pretentious to say it like that. I do not equivalent will also know far in terms of immersion, technology and experience. ”

Upon purchasing the ticket, the show gets underway. Participants will be transported to an unknown destination in a bus with opaque windows. The base is a vast disused warehouse where seven doors allow access to as many universes where their senses and imagination will be sought. Spectators will be even invited to eat and drink.

Night owls will obviously delighted with this experience, says the designer, who says himself with a great fascination for nightlife. “The more I travel, the more I realize that. This is the night we lost part of our senses but others take over, as smell. In a city, the sounds and smells change. People change too. The man in suit and tie on the day can become completely wild. This is also an area of ​​freedom where time seems to stop. ”

The road to international

This fully assembled project through private funds should benefit from the goodwill of the holiday season 375th of Montreal, but does not fit in programming. The team Reactor benefit of this “pilot” to refine the show, before making him take the road to the international, New York, Paris, London, maybe Hong Kong. “This is a project designed to become a network. Each city will have its local broadcaster. ”

At 43, Olivier Dufour believes that this show, orchestrated jointly with European and Canadian artists is that of maturity in his career. “This is a project I matured since 2005, in which I put so much hope, but I always thought I was not ready, my company was not mature enough. There, I felt it was time to do it. ”

Having been the architect of several multimedia shows worldwide, the most recent having taken place in November in Lausanne, on the centenary of the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, Olivier Dufour sees his name circulating more more circles in global entertainment. They are also “business people with strong networks”, impressed by his work, who approached him for the night.

“Today we create huge interactive screens, streaming stuff, but be content to put into it, not just people doing stupid things on YouTube, he says. We must create interesting products. content producers are quite stressed now. I am as ever. ”

The main interest does not despair of the night to settle in Quebec, but it is still necessary that the experience is paying off. “I would love that, but I must see if I would be able to sell enough tickets. I looked for places large enough [to host the event], with a particular character. It can not get anywhere. ”

Mini mills in the city in pictures
Starting in September and year-round, mini mills pictures “open to the community” will shine a thousand lights on buildings of Quebec to showcase the works of artists, whether professional or amateur . This innovative concept of Olivier Dufour and his team a strong interest in Montreal.

From a common delivery platform, he says, people “from all walks,” even children “will have the opportunity to access large format digital art” and enjoy possibility of broadcast animation, drawings or text of their own. “It is the public who will decide how often your work will play. Most will see it, the more it will LiKee, she will play more often. ”

The young designer has already visited several “buildings with the mouth” could serve as screens, like the Gabrielle-Roy Library, the Saint-Roch church, “two or three places,” in Old Quebec, and “the great beige sheet metal wall that serves no” on the building Benjo store and Laurentian Bank, boulevard Charest.

By September, the first broadcast will take place on the front of his firm Reactor, Saint-Vallier Street East, located in the old building Funeral & Lépine Cloutier. The projectors of the Image Mill will be recovered for the occasion.

Revitalize a building

“The idea is to take a moderately interesting building and make it super dynamic, he says, excited about this project that works” Small scale and cost, but that creates a lot of ‘impact. […] I find really interesting the communion message people around a medium that allows to shine a neighborhood. ”

Unlike the work of Ex Machina Robert Lepage projected only in the summer on the Bungee silos in the harbor, these “mini mills” will set up shop throughout the year. “It’s even more beautiful in winter. First, the darkness comes earlier, but the picture is more beautiful because the air is pure and free of particles. ”

If the idea packs a lot of people at the Quebec City Hall, a Montreal private partner also makes eyes at Olivier Dufour to spread this concept on its buildings. Part of tug of war seems launched between the two cities. The main interest relies on a rapid engagement of one or the other.

“I do not feel like to outbid between the two cities. If I do not get it from here, I would do it in my office in Montreal, but I would find it flat. It is perhaps not business what I say here, but ethically, I would really like it to be done first in Quebec […] I see the city as a development partner, “termine- he, advancing the possibility of selling then a “license” operating in Montreal promoter.

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