Olivier at Place des Arts

olivier-malletteOlivier Mallette collects daydreams. Having played twice at the Bell Centre and participated in the television show Virtuoso, hosted by Gregory Charles, the drummer from Saint-Honore will perform a solo four minutes Tuesday night at Theatre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts.

It was at the invitation of violinist Angèle Dubeau, creative director of The Great first future star, the musician aged 16 will go to Montreal. Early this year, she had phoned his father, Jacques Mallette, to see if this project interested him. The response has been positive, a further appeal was lodged there a month.

“This time, it was to indicate that Oliver would be the third to play and would do a solo. As I suspected that the proposal would look like this, work was begun at home. There will be all sorts of things, jazz, groove, rock, “described Jacques Mallette during an interview with the Daily.

Drummer himself, he confirms that the number mounted by his son is ready. The audience gathered in the hall, which will include business personalities but also of young people aged 12 to 17, will be in full the eyes and ears. “Olivier will do spectacular things, including chopsticks passes,” reveals the father.

“Amazing experience”

Organized by the Foundation of the Place des Arts, La Grande first goal of future star to fund activities promoting access to arts. The support provided by business people and philanthropists, has raised nearly $ 2 million since the holding of the first edition, in 2011.

The art direction is entrusted to a different person every year and the choice of Angèle Dubeau show that the violinist favors an eclectic approach.

Thus it will host, among others, the Leahy children, who are in Celtic music, the vocal quartet Qw4rtz, harpist Valérie Milot and violinist Kerson Leong.

“There are a great bunch of guests and Olivier is fortunate to play alongside these people, at Place des Arts extra, remarked Jacques Mallette. He did not tell me, but I know that on Tuesday, it will be a bit nervous. After all, it is an amazing experience for a 16 year old guy who comes from Saguenay. ”

When the family leaves Saint-Honoré, Monday afternoon, he already seem far away, the first appeal by Angèle Dubeau. The violinist had seen a performance of drummer captured at the Bell Centre, via the Internet, and it had impressed. “Angèle Dubeau was looking for artists from different backgrounds,” says Jacques Mallette.

He adds that in the past year, his son has risen sharply under the supervision of Robert Pelletier, a professor in Saguenay Conservatory of Music. “Now, Olivier wants to go to college, then university, says the father. He started saying he wanted a career. ”

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