Olga Buzova got in touch after the terrible fire in Courchevel

Olga Buzova made their fans worried, briefly “disappearing” from Instagram precisely at the moment when at the resort, where she is resting, has been a serious fire. Fortunately, fans of TV stars worried in vain – their favorite all right, about what she could let them know.

TV presenter Olga Buzova working flat out all year round, leaving little time for rest. However, each year the leading “House-2” leaves a window in his busy schedule to relax a bit and celebrate your birthday. To celebrate his celebrity prefers abroad, away from prying eyes, and everyday concerns that can prevent it to enjoy a rare holiday moments.

This year before his 33rd birthday Olga for a week went to Sunny Maldives with her younger sister Anna. And pozagorat and gain strength Buzova flew straight to the French ski resort in the Alps. There the day before she celebrated her birthday in the company of a few close friends and my sister.

In celebration of leading telestroke love almost forgot about his phone, which is not often. She shared in Instagram a few photos from the celebration of his name day and at once ceased to spread stories previously published by dozens.

However, at the moment when the presenter was missing from the field of view of the fans, in Courchevel, where she stopped, there was a deadly fire. His victims were two men, and another 14 people were injured in the fire. These sad events have made fans of Olga a lot worried. They bombarded TV star requests to go on air and show that she was all right, but she didn’t.

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Buzova broke the silence in his microblog only this afternoon. And, judging by her post, she had not even heard about the tragedy that occurred on their chosen resort. Your day leading reality show “Dom-2” has started with the publication of explicit pictures, which depicted without clothes, but the blanket in the snow. Thus his review celebrity gave to understand that it is not just all right, but she is also very happy.

Then excited followers Olga was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and went back to the usual discussions. In particular, followers interested in the question, what did the morning Buzova such a kind, and is not the cause of the mysterious man in courtship, of which the presenter is actively hinted last week.

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