Oleksandr Zinchenko: I am sure that Ukraine can learn from teams such as Italy

Luck was on our side, but we have created problems for the opponents.

Олександр Зінченко: я впевнений, що Україні є чому повчитися у таких збірних, як Італія

Ukraine midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko said that the head coach of “yellow-blue” Andrey Shevchenko thanked the team for the character in the match against Italy

“It was a tough match, but the result of the game, I’ll tell you, we have arranged, as the Italians had a lot of episodes. Good luck, probably more than was on our side, but we also created some problems to the opponent, informs Rus.Media.

After the match, the coach thanked us for the game, for the right character, because in these games the character is in the first place. Always nice to play against top teams that show us our level of the game. Against such teams there are no friendly games. The aggravation is always there and is speed crazy.

They are great to move and we probably were not quite ready that they will play in the same key, creating a numerical advantage on the flanks. Most often our extreme defenders remained against 2-3 players, and we had difficulty to move. But the coaching staff pointed us to this break, and in the second half we started to play more compactly and at the gate was less moments.

I would like to note the game of the net, because if he had not, today would be a lot more goals in our gate. And the fact that we conceded a goal… concede and score is always the team, so to blame then no one will. Everything was wrong, from the Central zone of the husband beats, no it does not interfere, therefore, the Central Midfielders must also be some demand.

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It is difficult to distinguish in Italy by a single player, they played the whole team. First of all, they play football without any fuss when they have the ball, and in these teams we have something to learn,” said Zinchenko after the game with Italy.

We will remind, the national team of Ukraine played out a draw with Italy in a friendly match.

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