Oleg Soskin spoke about the war Zelensky and Putin: “he’s got a leg”

Олег Соскин рассказал о войне Зеленского и Путина: "У него есть фора"

Ukraine’s President-elect Vladimir Zelensky ready to go on the offensive on Putin

In an interview with Politeka Online said Oleg Soskin, a Ukrainian political scientist, economist, Director of a private Foundation of the Institute of society transformation.

Expert predicts serious conflict between Zelensky and Putin — their opposition can be considered a classic conflict between two alpha males. While it is too early to speak about winners or losers. However, Vladimir Zelensky has a handicap — he is young and “diverse” is used to play the role. Putin is such a talent deprived.

“So, Zelensky may be more promising. Besides, he will attack Putin,” explains Soskin.

According to the expert, Zelensky nothing to lose, which distinguishes it from Putin or Poroshenko. “Tree Roshen” or any kind of political circuit will not hamper his actions, and Zelensky will become a truly open public political player.

Soskin also noted the commitment Zelensky and his character the fighter: “Young, healthy, ambitious, strong and charismatic. This is a successful man who used to be a leader. He is a player of big audiences.”

Recall, Zelensky named the Ministers with whom “say goodbye” in the first place.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky decided on the date of the inauguration, but there is one “but”.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko desperately opposed Zelensky: “my God, Volodya, please.”