Oh, no. Even mother in law room 2 I was missing

Ну уж нет. Ещё свекрови номер 2 мне не хватало

— Mom, uncle nick, and their mother, came! — there was a joyful cry of his son.

Then Cole, a cousin of the husband was 35, and his wife is 49, she is a grandmother three times. Married at the time they were already 10 years old. And if the Kohl came to us sometimes, Leroux that day I saw for the first time — they lived in another city and decided to come back. The “mom” heard the phrase children’s insulted to the core.

Boy, I’m not a mother of uncle Kolya, his wife! — Leroy entered the fray with five children.

— But you’re old! But it does not happen. Old they or mom, or grandmother. — stood his Maxim.

— Max, you cannot refer to unfamiliar adults. Come blow yourself. ordered my son and turned to the guests. — Welcome to our friendly home! — I smiled.

— See hospitality all over from all the cracks! Hands where to wash? — asked the guest, I saw her in the tub.

Kohl’s with my husband sat at the table for a few minutes, approached Leroy. With truly Royal grace, Valerie sat down at the table and looked around our living room:

— Yes, poor thing here. But — as pure praise. Oh, and you’re in a salad, boiled carrots added? Who does that? And napkins with the color of the tablecloth does not match. But… — she again glanced around the room — exactly What one would expect: a complete lack of taste.

Oh, no! Even mother in law room 2 I was missing! I got up from the table and told the guest:

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Woman, sorry, but You have to go.

— You are right. I can’t believe you allowed Kolya to persuade me to visit this wonderful house. — she got up and went to put on shoes. Husband brother quizzically looked at each other and shrugged. Nick jumped up behind his wife:

— Lera, wait, I’m with you.

This was our acquaintance with Valeria Nikolaevna, as she demanded to dignify themselves. In your rudeness this woman managed to outdo even the mother of the husband. You know, there are people just looked and already enraged to such an extent that immediately clear — do not get together? Here we with Kolya’s wife what happened.

To communicate more and to walk-in guests did not bother nick with his wife or my husband. Some years we have quite successfully managed not to cross at family gatherings like anniversaries, weddings and funerals. To be honest, I have long forgotten about the existence of such a person, how she thought about me.

I don’t know where she got my number, but Leroy called me.

— Lyudmila? Good afternoon. I need You to meet and talk tete-a-tete. Is this possible?

— Good afternoon. To my great regret — no, not possible. A lot of cases, lessons with the child, you know — You don’t have grandchildren already in school?

Here I have nothing to do with her again and to meet.

— I insist. Will visit You in the coming days. — she hung up.

She had come today. At 53, she’s wearing ripped jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt above the navel. From the doorway she took the bull by the horns:

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— Kohl said, you car sell?

— Sell. — I saw no reason to deny the obvious.

— I have a profitable offer you can’t refuse: a 20% discount and interest-free installments for five years. — she snapped.

— And to me this is what benefit? — I grinned.

— A plus to karma. with a beaming smile companion. The eldest daughter wants the car, and your a wreck for the first time. Take it and let a contract for the sale sign. Here’s the first installment. — she took from the bag two denominations of five thousand.

If you count on it mathematics: if the value of four hundred thousand, minus the required discount it is 320 thousand, the first installment of 10 thousand and 310 in installments over five years, which is slightly more than 5100 per month. In such a scheme — let me have 2 cars!She just came to piss me off! I pointed out to the visitor at the door. She shrugged her shoulders:

— Well, try it is worth it — you don’t look very smart. Good luck.

Still do not understand what are you doing now?????

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