“Oh, my God!”: the passenger shot the vampire on Board, video

"О, боже мой!": пассажирка сняла вампира на борту самолета, видео

Bat on Board of the aircraft almost became a cause of the tragedy, the lives of the passengers hanging in the balance

The aircraft flew in the allotted time from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Newark, located on the territory of new Jersey. Passengers comfortably in their chairs, and it seemed that there were no signs of unrest. The flight passed in a regular mode for half an hour after departure. And then began the unimaginable, says the Independent.

"О, боже мой!": пассажирка сняла вампира на борту самолета, видео

Little winged vampire remarked one of the passengers. In the cabin there rose a panic. With terrified passengers are unable to master even the flight attendants, who are usually able to keep calm in the most stressful situations. Composure kept, except that one of the passengers – Peter Scattini, who captured everything on video his cell phone. The video clearly shows how passengers and flight attendants trying to escape the bloodsucker, waving his arms and trying to cover the head with clothing.

Indifferent to everything remained except a few people who immediately after the departure to sleep. And they are not excluded, was awakened by the cries of their neighbors in the cabin. Eyewitnesses say that one of the passengers was so frightened that tried to hide from the winged vampire in the toilet of the aircraft.

Fortunately, all went well. Among the passengers there were still brave souls who are able to cope with the animal. They caught the mouse and brought it to the airport safe and sound. Was the flight safely and all the passengers. Well, that winged visitor was not in the cockpit, and something else, who knows what would’ve been the end. It happens that persistent men with honor coming from different trials, succumb to the mouse. And then the mouse was still not simple, and flying.

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