“Oh my God”: Natasha Koroleva made themselves pleasantly at the camera

"О божечки": Наташа Королева сделала себе приятно на камеру

Russian star Natasha Koroleva showed his fan’s way of relaxing

So, a few days ago, 46-year-old singer shared in his microblog in Instagram fresh video where she uses the gift to his girlfriend, the owner of a Spa, says Politeka.

Special light equipment (vibrating) on the belt works wonders with her neck, according to Natasha (to see the video, dockrillia to the end).

"О божечки": Наташа Королева сделала себе приятно на камеру

“My Girlfriend Sasha, the owner of a Spa salon in Miami gave me an awesome gadget, a neck massager!!! How he saves me, very cool thing!!!” signed live singer.

She also added that the massager can be used not only for neck, but also hands, feet, abdomen. The Queen herself just in awe of the gadget, noting that this salvation after a long flight, when a stiff and sore neck.

“Oh, my God, this orgasm !”

“I also thought about this when I watched how Natasha kicks from this wonderful massage😂😂”

“Natalia, you can’t do)) I Have only one video Muraki ran….😭😉😂A cool trick! 👍CLASS!!!”

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My Girlfriend Sasha ,the owner of a Spa salon in Miami @alexandra_cosmetolog_miami gave me an awesome gadget ,a neck massager #Bork !!! How he saves me ,very cool thing!!! @bork_com 👍👍👍

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A post shared by Natasha Koroleva (@koroleva__star) on Oct 9, 2019 at 3:00am PDT

Earlier it was reported that Putin’s greetings happy birthday to the Queen herself courted by a barrage of angry comments.

People leave unflattering words under the photo, where the artist with a glass in the hand is worth as it seems in the picture, hugged the President of the Russian Federation. In the photo except the Queen, also a large “Patriotic” Pro — Kremlin artists Valeria, Iosif Prigozhin and other famous personalities:

“Happy Birthday Mr President!!!”, — signed the singer. After the publication of the opinion was divided, of course, there were those who in the comments to the congratulations joined, many have written that this “devotion” is nothing innoe as nonsense and the desire to carve out a place under the sun.

"О божечки": Наташа Королева сделала себе приятно на камеру

Recall the curse Zavorotnyuk alarmed network: the victim was a balding, Natasha Koroleva, details.

As reported Politeka, the Queen lit a curvy shape in explicit poses: did it right on the beach, hot stills.

Also Politeka wrote that Natasha Koroleva hard paid for the love of Putin: “Oh, you…”, scandalous details.