“Oh, God, what about him?”: the famous actor, handsome man was stunned by the new appearance

«О Боже, что с ним?»: знаменитый актер-красавец ошеломил новой внешностью

Popular Russian actor has changed beyond recognition and ran into criticism from fans

The published on the page “Film midshipmen-4” in Instagram.

“Working break is always necessary. It brings the charge and the energy for the whole day”, — stated in the message.

On the published picture shows Alexander Domogarova, which has changed beyond recognition. It drew the attention of netizens.

«О Боже, что с ним?»: знаменитый актер-красавец ошеломил новой внешностью

“Oh, God, what about him?”, “This is a piece of junk. The state for the money taxpayers provide the drunks and the rest of the mediocrity comfortable life and we have to watch this shit needs? Well, the insanity, What with Domogarova? Bad makeup?”, “Drunk.. what a horror . Probuhat this appearance!”, “Domogarov pumped into cheekbone fillers, decided to rejuvenate and look as if from a deep hangover,” they wrote.

As previously reported, in social networks, a photo circulated of Mikhail Boyarsky in the unfamiliar for most of the way. Famous Soviet and Russian actor is difficult to imagine without his signature hat and glasses, which he appeared in public for many years. This image is so much “rooted” to it that many fans have begun to wonder how the boyar looks like without it.

To answer this question is decided by the actor’s son, Deputy of Russian state Duma Sergei Boyarsky. On his page in social networks, he has shared a rare picture of his father without a hat.

69-year-old boyar was photographed with his son on countryside recreation in a natural setting. Sergei Boyarsky signed the words: “dad in the country”.

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«О Боже, что с ним?»: знаменитый актер-красавец ошеломил новой внешностью

We will remind, granddaughter boyar impressed luxurious life.

As reported Politeka, Mikhail Boyarsky was struck by the appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that Boyarsky revealed a personal secret about your spouse and children.