Officially! Salaries of Ukrainians will rise to a record new amount of impressive

Официально! Зарплаты украинцев рекордно вырастут, новые суммы впечатляют

In Ukraine from 1 January 2020 plan to raise salaries by 20 to 70%

Are the government’s plans were announced at a meeting on Wednesday, July 10.

The Cabinet of Ministers is going to adopt a new system of salaries of employees of education — it’s not a question of a unified tariff grid.

It is noted that particular emphasis will be placed on young teachers who do not have their own experience and when I come to work, we have a minimum wage. It is noted that after all the new young teacher will have the opportunity to receive higher wage than today.

Официально! Зарплаты украинцев рекордно вырастут, новые суммы впечатляют

As explained by the Minister of education Lilia Hrynevych, the government took the decision to peg wages to the subsistence level. In 2023 the smallest salary should be 4 subsistence level. Innovation, she said, will allow to carry out the law. Today the living wage is UAH 1936.

The minimum salary of teachers will be:

in 2020 — 2,5 living wages

in 2021-m — 3 subsistence

2022 — 3,5 subsistence level

2023 — 4 living wage

Grinevich noted that after the 10% will increase the salary for each sub-group of teaching staff, from assistants to teachers and to teachers of the highest category.

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For example, now 4173 UAH receives the teacher of the kindergarten, in 2020, his salary will make 6369 UAH. If the teacher of the kindergarten has 21 years of experience, with all allowances, his salary is 6509 UAH, according to the latest standards from 2020 on, he will get 9100 UAH.

Earlier it was reported that he became known wage of Vladimir Zelensky as President.

If 10 days of may the salary of President Vladimir Zelensky amounted to 12.7 thousand hryvnia, then in June he earned 28 thousand. But his aides from the Office of the President, as it turned out, worked for free.

Официально! Зарплаты украинцев рекордно вырастут, новые суммы впечатляют

So, in response, the State administration said that in may the head of the state has received only a salary without any allowances in the amount of 28 thousand UAH, out of which the tax paid almost 5.5 thousand But the leadership of the Office of the President have not been paid.

We will remind, Zelensky named the date, which will radically change life in Ukraine: what will happen on September 5.

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