Offended the doctor Alibasov is going to take revenge on him: “kicked out of the house”

Обиженная врач Алибасова собирается ему отомстить: «выгнал из дома»

Bari Alibasov said that the cause of his poisoning is not a liquid for cleaning of sewer pipes, and injections of drugs

Injection was done to him by his nutritionist mariyat Mukhina. Music producer believes that because of this he ended up in the hospital and almost gave up the Ghost.

Mariyat Mukhina about his plans of vengeance for such a serious accusation said on the Russian television talk show “Let them talk”. According to her, she is going through a highly public scandal, and her husband even went to the hospital with a heart attack, Russian media reports.

Обиженная врач Алибасова собирается ему отомстить: «выгнал из дома»

She complained that Alibasov put her out of his apartment after she arrived to give him the shot.

Mukhin said that the substance was contained hormones which will help the stomach the producer is not narrow.

“What says Bari, or delirium, or a conscious move,” said Mukhin. She added that the scandal is hurting her professional reputation. Nutritionist intends to sue for libel Alibasov.

Note that Alibasov also ready to go to court, as it believes that the widow had slipped him drugs. It is because of them he was in intensive care, not because of the fact that, allegedly, accidentally drank the liquid leaking out.

Associate producer Vadim Gorozhankin said that a nutritionist, a long time collaborator with him, gave the ward without his knowledge, illegal drugs.

Also Gorozhankin said that with a dietician relationships severed and rehabilitation Bari Alibasov after the terrible poisoning will not do it.

“To confirm or refute this assumption, I tested for the presence of psychotropic substances. Waiting for the results,” said Alibasov. And if the medical tests are positive, then it will go to court for further proceedings with Mukhina.

Relatives Alibasov were concerned that the earlier a nutritionist was interested in the property owned by celebrities, and documents on it.

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Also add that the network got the video, which Bari Karimovich emotionally accuses his widow that she was drugged. This happens on the landing outside the apartment of the artist.

Обиженная врач Алибасова собирается ему отомстить: «выгнал из дома»

The nutritionist was trying to impersonate a doctor to get to the apartment of the producer. But after it was not allowed, called the police, saying that relatives Alibasov keep him in the apartment by force. After that, the producer himself called the police and when the police arrived, he denied the words of the nutritionist.

Recall that the surviving Bari Alibasov first told the truth about his poisoning.

As reported Politeka, Alibasov spoke about the terrible visions during the coma, “my hands are shaking”.

Also Politeka wrote that Bari Alibasov first told the truth about his poisoning.