Offended by the weather, Lukashenko responded by weather forecasters: “get Out!”

Обиженный на погоду Лукашенко отыгрался на синоптиках: "Вон!"

The weather issues Alexander Lukashenko better than all the military help

The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he was going to disperse the meteorologist (Belhydromet). According to him, the accuracy of the forecasts of the Centre in the best case corresponds to 50-70%.

“We have such a meteorologist is not needed,” sharply spoke the head of state.

Lukashenka also proposed another solution for this situation is “to bring to life” of employees. The theme of forecasts and the level is very small.

The President said that now with the weather issues he help the military:

“I’m guided by the military, who see real-time weather, you know where it rains in the Republic and what will happen in the next 12 hours. Almost give 100% accurate prediction, however, is short,” — said Lukashenko.

Обиженный на погоду Лукашенко отыгрался на синоптиках: "Вон!"

We will remind, also on bad weather forecasts Lukashenko spoke in 2017. Then the President criticized quality of the work of the meteorologist during the appointment of the new Minister for natural resources Andrew Judika. Belhydrometcenter submits it the Ministry of environment.

On that day, the day Lukashenka urged the new Minister to engage in the Center, because the projections are not credible.

“Their predictions are often not what to read… Sometimes, reading, I want to do is not predicted”, — said the President.

The President also noted that the mettsentr are more than a thousand people, but they can’t do anything. Lukashenko offered to the employees of the organization learn to work for the air force and air defense (army), because they never were wrong.

“When I read your (meteorologist — ed) information, and every day I get it, I have a desire to disperse the organization. If you can not work, contact the army already, learn how they work,” — said Lukashenko.

Обиженный на погоду Лукашенко отыгрался на синоптиках: "Вон!"

Andrei Khudyk in turn replied that he often heard criticism of the Synoptics. The then new Minister announced that the work of the meteorologist in other countries performed better and necessary to solve the problems in Belarus. The Minister promised to raise the level of professionals and to buy the necessary equipment.

By the way, to provide a 100 percent result when the weather is impossible. In a number of countries do only 95%.

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