Of particular importance in the destiny of man is the last digit of her year of birth

Thanks to this figure, it is possible to determine which element a person belongs and how it affects it.

Особливе значення в долі людини має остання цифра її року народження

All the elements and forces present in nature, govern mental organization of man, affect habits and preferences, which by chance are hard to break. All this is reflected in the last digit year of birth, informs Rus.Media.

Last digit of year of birth 0 and 1

It is people like made of metal – independent free. A strong character, Outlook on life. Attentive to others, trying not to offend anyone.

In life everyone want to order, preferring balance and equilibrium. They are distinguished by reliability, determination and individuality. The difficulties make them stronger, they don’t go out of their way, and even more will not abandon the plan. For these people it is important recognition of others.

Among the disadvantages are the excessive impulsiveness and a special attraction to money and luxury. If such people become leaders, it will not descend to anyone. High standards is the principle of operation.

Last digit of year of birth 2 and 3

It is charming and sincere people. Can go with the flow, noticing the slightest details that nobody else noticed. They both have an amazing imagination, works 100%.

Among them can meet a philosopher or a thinker. Their arguments provide a strong case. Can master several professions. And intuition makes them diplomats, able to capture what eludes the attention of others.

They are good organizers, and no less noted performers. Not envious, and will be happy to help develop those around you.

The disadvantages include secrecy, a tendency to manipulate.

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Last digit of year of birth on 4 and 5

These people patronize a force of nature. They clearly stick to their ideas. Love to explore the world, travel. Wielding the power of persuasion and prone to Analytics.

Their creativity is evident in everything they touch, and the hard work they do not occupy. Often work is their sense of life. Best trait – confidence. Work well in a team.

They are not looking for frills, content with what we have. Do not try to jump above own head. The selfish lack of notes makes them good friends.

Sinful people that sometimes take on more tasks than they can deliver, and simply do not have time to deal with.

Last digit of year of birth 6 and 7

They are always looking for adventure, as active and energetic. They have the makings of a great leaders, love the competition, play and win.

Attractive and charming people around them always moving. They never forget about family values, support them and develop.

High self esteem and confidence make them excellent managers of different levels. Intelligence, determination, interpersonal skills and the required degree of friendliness, making them generalists generalists.

Of the shortcomings can be noted the excessive desire to achieve their goals. Selfishness, sometimes, forcing them to go to their targets, as they say, heads.

Last digit of year of birth 8 & 9

Are people reliable, patient and responsible towards family. Moral values are highly developed and they often become role models.

They have a lot of ambitions and plans. Any problems are solved well after weighing all the pros and cons. Make the decisions wisely. Can rely on your intuition is well developed. Always disciplined and polite.

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These people do not have enough adventure and passion. Often stubborn, and rarely cruel. Panic can cause fear of the unknown, but they quickly take himself in hand.

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