Of energy market reform is a marker of the ability to transform – Kovalchuk

Реформа энергорынка является маркером способности к трансформациям – Ковальчук   

Timely implementation of the reform of the electricity market will demonstrate Ukraine’s ability to conduct successful domestic economic transformation

This was during a conference of the European business Association, “Reform of electric power market,” said acting Director of the NPC Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

“The implementation of reforms in these key sectors, in the strategic electricity, is one of the key markers of whether all Ukraine to change internal processes as a state. So, in spite of all these difficulties, despite the fact that our position provides for resolution of issues, and competition, and issues of commercial accounting, and the issues of free access to the market of new players, with the right approaches this reform can benefit the electricity sector,” — said Kovalchuk.

BP.and.about. Director of “Ukrenergo” believes that the reform of the electricity market will be introduced in the statutorily stipulated period and focuses on the major role of the National Commission, which performs state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU).

“Most likely, the market will run from 1 July. And all the fullness of the possibilities for settlement of the existing problems will be in the hands of the regulator — NKREKP. And it is their decision, their documents will be high-quality will depend on the consequences of this reform,” — said V. Kovalchuk.

Recall that from 1 July, comes into force the Law “On electricity market”, which will start the second stage of the reform of the energy sector. In the second stage of the reform earned the market of bilateral contracts, consumers will be able to choose a provider who will offer the best price and quality services. The law of Ukraine “On electricity market” is aimed at implementation of legislative acts of the Energy community in the field of energy, namely directives of the Third energy package. The implementation provided by the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” reforms will lead to liberalization of the electricity market of Ukraine and its functioning on the competitive principles of the European model.