Odessa police are trying to blackmail the judge Zaporozhan on trumped-up case media

Одесские полицейские пытаются шантажировать судью Запорожана по надуманному делу - СМИ

Around the Odessa police scandal erupted

As found by the journalists of the edition of “Apostrophe”, judge of the Fifth administrative court of appeal of Odessa Dmitry Zaporozhan police are trying to force to give the “necessary” testimony regarding the January accident, the culprit of which he allegedly was.

According to investigators, in January Zaporozhan driving a Mercedes ML250 damaged parked in the yard on the French Boulevard Nissan and fled the scene. For his part, Dmitry Zaporozhan said that the accident fake – invented it for blackmail and extortion.

In explaining the Assembly of judges of the Fifth administrative court of appeal, he said that from January a group of unknown persons extort from it to pay the “debt” for the accident that occurred on 25 January 2019. And compiled at its own discretion, the cost estimate ranged from 1.5 to 5 thousand dollars. Refusing to pay, the judge began to receive threatening phone calls.

In addition, according to him, at the resonant video was not much: the survey conducted by the scraps, the police were constantly on and off camera. The video doesn’t show that men in police uniforms came to the service car and refused to show ID. They ignored questions about the grounds of detention. Further, according to the judge, the force pulled him out of the car in which besides him was his ex-wife and young children. Demanded to go with them to testify, to plead guilty and to pay compensation.

After refusing to sit in the car the judge attempted to seat him in power: pushed, tried to grab and wring his hands, allegedly beaten on the back and head.

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“Blocked the car of his wife, so hard slammed the door, which almost damaged her son, who tried to get out. In fact, I tried to take in an unknown direction and since before I received threats of physical violence for non-payment of a nonexistent debt, I doubted that in front of me by the police. I was scared for the children, ex-wife and himself,” — said Dmitry Zaporozhan.