Odessa journalists say about the threat to the national security of the country because of the activities of the mayor Trukhanov

Одесские журналисты заявляют об угрозе нацбезопасности страны из-за деятельности мэра города Труханова

The activities of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and the associated groupings of Vladimir Galanternik jeopardized the national security of the country

As reported by Antikor, said the investigation “Ukrainian news”.

In addition to already become accustomed to the Odessa capture urban land through corrupt schemes in parks and gardens, as well as on the coast, a group of Galanternik-Trukhanov seized the territory of a military airfield, effectively paralyzing the air force component of the defense of Odessa.

“The city government gave the company Galanternik about 90 Hectares for development, including part of the territory of a military airfield. To imagine that to remain a military airfield with a runway, is based there with fighters, interceptors, and missile systems in a residential district very difficult. Just the airfield obstrelivaya skyscrapers by the decision of the city government, actually grabbing land that does not belong to them”, — commented the activist Oleg Mikhailik.

The situation drew attention and people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem. However, the response of law enforcement is still not followed, the airport is still blocked. “40 people have captured a military airfield “School” in Odessa. The airfield is still blocked. Part of the territory occupied by private structures belonging to the so-called company “City”, — said the MP from the Verkhovna Rada rostrum.

By deputies of the party “Trust business” Truhanov-Galanternik it is possible to fulfil a criminal scheme to seize the Odessa land, including strategically important for Ukraine. With this support, they manage even the city square to transfer to private ownership.

“Improvement Starosennaya square was done for the money of a territorial community, and the land transferred to private ownership companies Galanternik,” — said the lawyer Vadim Roman oksiuta.

Journalists, activists and MPs have repeatedly appealed to law enforcement agencies by providing all data on illegal actions of the mayor Gennady Trukhanov and his partner, Vladimir Galanternik. However, so far the response to these appeals followed.