October 14 — the feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary

Folk superstitions and customs of the holiday.

14 жовтня — свято Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

October 14 is celebrated the feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin. There are many feelings and practices that are followed since time immemorial and to this day help to bring to life well-being, informs Rus.Media.

In Intercession, believers pray to the virgin Mary on the protection and intercession. The people 14 Oct considered a day of transition from autumn to winter. There was a belief that it is a mystical time that must be suitable. To avoid problems, take the troubles and bring happiness, adhered to their customs as well as observed the signs.

Signs for October 14:

  1. The snow falls a lot – a lot of the wedding to be.
  2. Winter is coming soon, if migratory birds on the wing stood up. Blizzard promised cranes, if before departure will be circling.
  3. On the Cover of the leaves on the trees remained – wait for frosts and snowfalls in winter.
  4. Wedding in the rain – happiness to the newlyweds. Warm day – family life will be carefree. Frozen – young ready for testing, holding on to each other.
  5. The rain that day – by the end of autumn is rainy.
  6. Married girl will quickly turn out if you buy cakes counter, crumbs of bird feed and a candle in the Church before the icon of virgin Mary will deliver.
  7. On the Cover of the head cover scarves, to get rid of the bad and get protected.


  1. According to custom, the feast of the furnace stoked and bake pancakes. They treat family members and guests, and also to commemorate all the dead. Those in the gratitude to protect their family home from any evil, persecuting.
  2. In the old days, women used to change straw mattresses, burning the old gasket. This custom helped to cope with illness and to bring the house prosperity. In pouches together with a new straw put sprigs of wormwood, that evil spirits were not at home.
  3. According to custom, on the Cover went for mushrooms. They are dried in a kiln and then laid out to secluded places. So called house for help and was attracted to the house of well-being. A year later, the mushrooms were thrown, brownie thanks for good service and gave him new gifts.
  4. The feast of the baked loaf, which was treated in the same number of neighbors. It is believed that if the loaf did not remain the whole year in the house of wealth to be drained.
  5. This day is required to pray to a Higher power to ask for protection and patronage. Those who cannot go to Church, pray at home in front of the icon of the virgin with a candle in his hand. Sincere words will help to get rid of all evil and begin a path to prosperity.
  6. During the holiday staged celebrations. It is believed that the more fun they girls, the more successful will be their life after marriage. In the modern world on the feast day the believers go to Church, and then arrange a celebratory dinner. The more guests, the more successful the year will be for the hosts.
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