October 14 — protection of the blessed virgin: folk traditions, omens and prohibitions

Of the Holy virgin is the main autumn Christian holiday.

14 жовтня — Покрова Пресвятої Богородиці: народні традиції, прикмети та заборони

Of the Holy virgin is the main autumn festival, whose history dates back to events of the year 910 in Constantinople

During the vigil of prayer among the believers in the Church there was St. Andrew the Blessed and his disciple Epiphanius, who was the blessed virgin, which floated in the air in a clear heavenly light and surrounded by angels and saints. Together with virgin they saw John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

Our lady prayed together with the believers, and then took from her head the shining veil, brighter sunlight, and spread out over all the people that were in the Church. Thus the Intercession of the virgin protected them from enemies visible and invisible.

The amazing phenomenon of the virgin with the veil in hand encouraged the Greeks and gave them strength in the hard struggle against the Saracens, in which they won, and the city was saved from enemies.

In Russia the feast of the Intercession of the Mother of God was erected by Prince Andrew Bogolubsky around 1164. Also temples in honour of Pokrova of the Mother of God were built in the XII century.

In Ukraine every year on 14 October is the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks, dedicated to the celebration of the Holy virgin. And in 2015, this day became a public holiday in celebration of the day of defender of Ukraine.

What to do on the feast of the Holy virgin

In this bright day of every sincere believer prays to the virgin, asking for thereby she is very good health, assistance, support and protection, contribute to family life and, of course, in love. It is considered that throughout the year, the virgin protects the petitioner, directly covering it with her veil.

14 Oct girl who sincerely wants to get married can come to the Church just before the start of the festive divine service, to light a candle at the icon of the Holy virgin and ask her about marriage, and happy family life.

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Couples can come to the festival to the temple to ask for mercy and the intercession of the Mother of God.

A day in the homes bake pancakes and carried them to the corners of the housing, to appease the house, and on evenings noisy feast.

In this day to make gifts to the poor and orphans and also to fumigate the house with smoke from burning twigs of Apple-trees or cherry – for prosperity and good luck.

Since ancient times the people preserved many marks on the Cover. In particular, if the mistress will bake a lot of pancakes, then in the cold of winter in the house will be warm. Single girls believed that if the Cover is good fun, you can find a good groom. With this sign comes the tradition to refer to the virgin in a festive day with prayers for marriage, informs Rus.Media.

In the popular mind, the Holy virgin connected with the first snow cover of the earth: it is believed that the snow that fell on the shroud, has a special power. If you wash them – that will multiply the beauty, preserve youthfulness.

What not to do in the feast of the protection

As with any religious holiday, the Holy virgin not to do a serious chore, and to perform many household duties: to build, to dig, to clean, to wash, to sew, to knit, to iron. The feast of the protection not to curse, to swear, to drink alcoholic beverages, preferably not even to cook something serious to a late dinner.

It is believed that on the Cover it is impossible to borrow money, and still impossible to refuse the in-laws – to accept, the girl who refused matchmakers on the shroud, even three years will not be a nobody. However, we must remember that the meaning of such prohibitions is not that you cannot do some certain actions, and that the Orthodox holiday is primarily a day that we dedicate to God. Preferably the whole family to go to Church, put candles, to pray and ask the virgin Mary about intercession.

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Cover: omens about the weather

The name of the feast of the Intercession connects people with the first frost, which, as the Holy virgin, covering the earth at this time. But because many of the signs on the Cover are connected with weather and a prediction what will winter this year.

  • If the cover of the flying cranes, the winter will be early and cold.
  • If the oak and birch on the Cover to throw all the leaves, then the year will be easy, but if not all to a harsh winter.
  • To Cover the autumn, after the Cover – winter.
  • How to cover the wind is blowing from the other side and wait for the first frosts.
  • If the Cover is the wind of the South, the winter will be warm, North and East cold West snow.
  • If the shroud of falling snow, and Demetrius (November 8) there will be snow but if the snow is not, and Catherine (7 Dec) the snow will not be.
  • When the first snow to Cover the fall, the winter is coming.
  • What is the weather like on the Cover, this entire winter will be.

Superstitions and folk traditions

The tradition of visiting temples on the day of the Holy virgin has been preserved to our days. Orthodox Christians on the feast in front of the image of the virgin praying, asking for mercy and protection, health and assistance, particularly in family life, believing that in the course of the year virgin will protect them, covered with her veil.

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The people believed that after the Cover starts winter, and so all the celebrations and the gatherings moved from the street to the house, with fields cleaned the entire harvest, making preparations for the winter, winterized housing, rastaplivaete furnace, the cattle were put for the winter in barns, the women and girls worked at home weaving, spinning, sewing and embroidery.

  • Not utales house to Cover the whole winter will be cold.
  • Lots of pancakes to Cover the house all winter will be warm.
  • If the Cover is to melt down the stove with Apple, then all winter in the house will be warm.
  • Cover came – gatherings resulted.
  • On the Cover of the last harvest.
  • If children on the Cover to pour water through a sieve, they will be less sick.
  • The feast of the protection it is impossible to borrow money.

Signs of marriage

Long day of the Holy virgin is not just a Church holiday, but also girl’s day and the patron Saint of weddings.

For good reason the Holy virgin protection in the people associated with the white veil of the bride. To get yourself a good groom, unmarried girls on the Cover definitely went to Church, prayed and lit candles before the icon of the virgin.

  • And the girl on the Cover before anyone put a candle before an icon of the virgin of the intercession, the first to marry him.
  • Fun Cover will hold good groom find.
  • The snow in the wedding shroud – happiness young.
  • A lot of snow on the Cover – will be a lot of weddings next year.
  • If the guy on the Cover the girl looks after, he will be her fiance.
  • To Cover the strong winds, there will be many brides.
  • If you get married to Cover – young will live in perfect harmony.

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