“Obstacles to the launch of the electricity market since 1 July we do not see” – NKREKU

«Препятствий для запуска рынка электроэнергии с 1 июля мы не видим», - НКРЭКУ

The national Commission for regulation of electricity and utilities (NKREKU) sees no obstacles for launch of a new electricity market from 1 July 2019

This was announced by the Deputy head of Department, head of Department of operation of the competitive sector of the wholesale electricity market Control energy market NKREKU Mr butkovsky, writes portal Znaj.ua.

“From the Commission and within the competence of the Commission and having regard to the provisions of the act, those powers which were given by the law Commission (NARAKU) does not see any obstacles for the introduction from July the full of the market. Therefore, we adopted primary and secondary legislation. This market rules, and codes. Also continuing the adjustments based on the current situation”, — said Vladimir butkovsky.

According to him, the introduction of a new energy market since July, will not affect the tariffs for the population. “Today, with the aim of preventing possible fluctuations in the prices of the new market developed by certain changes of the market rules, involving, while on 6 months of price limits, to prevent possible oscillations. This project is approved, it officially published on the website. Today, everyone can provide their comments and suggestions regarding the validity of such restrictions, their feasibility, cost parameters. Therefore, the Commission has implemented all possible measures, there are no obstacles that could prevent the introduction of a full-scale market from July,” said butkovskij.

He also stressed that the Commission is ready to launch the market from 1 July. “It is possible to enter a new market, the Commission sees no such obstacles that would not be in accordance with the law the full market on the date determined by law, that is, from July,” — said Vladimir butkovsky.

Recall that in accordance with the commitments to the European Energoatom Ukraine should implement the provisions of the EU Third energy package, which aims to liberalize the electricity market and encourage competition among energy suppliers. Reform of the electricity market involves the introduction of the European model, which will stimulate competition in Ukraine and the emergence of new market participants.

As previously reported, the Director of SE “energy market” said the GP “energy” is ready to fulfill all the requirements necessary for the timely launch of the wholesale electricity market from 1 July 2019.