Obesity and allergies: Does having a dog as a child reduce the risk?

” The dog is man’s best friend “. According to a new Canadian study, the results of which were published in the journal Microbiome , he would also be the best friend of the child. A team of researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada has reason to believe that babies born and raised in a home with a dog have a reduced risk of developing allergies or obesity in their lifetime . In question ? On the one hand, higher levels of intestinal bacteria due to the presence of the animal at home. ” The abundance of these bacteria was doubled when there was a pet in the house, ” says Anita Kozyrskyj,

There seems to be an exchange of immunity between the dog and the baby, indirectly during maternity, and then directly during the first 3 months of the child’s life. To achieve these results, scientists relied on analysis of fecal samples from approximately 746 babies.

Finally, this study suggests that exposure to dirt and bacteria induced by the presence of the dog allows the child to develop early immunity. If further work is needed to confirm these findings and to understand all the implications, the author evokes the most likely developed by the pharmaceutical industry to supplement these microbiomes, the image of probiotics , if Appropriate.

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