Nutritionists revealed the secrets of perfect health: the six rules

Диетологи раскрыли секреты безупречного здоровья: шесть правил

Six popular nutritionists said that doing themselves in order to be healthy

We used to listen to the advice of nutritionists about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but how they take care of ourselves? Six experts talk about their approach to the right way of living.

Listen to your body

Intuitive nutrition — a trend in the field of healthy lifestyle, which is gaining more and more popularity. Its essence is that you need to listen to your body, is all and when you want.

Диетологи раскрыли секреты безупречного здоровья: шесть правил

Dietitian Chloe Chainshot fully supports this approach to nutrition: “Sometimes I feel like I need more meat, and at other times I want to eat more greens. Just as there is no perfect diet for everyone, I admit that for me there is no one way of eating, since my needs are constantly changing”.

Plan ahead

Nutritionist Adrienne Raimo to avoid stress in the middle of the working week fully menu planning in advance: “I believe that planning for a week helps me to eat well, be in motion, not to forget business and personal life. 30 minutes on Sunday morning — a small investment for my wellbeing”.

Monitor mental health

About the mental problems and should not be forgotten, because they directly affect all areas of our lives.

Диетологи раскрыли секреты безупречного здоровья: шесть правил

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In the world

“I’m anxious person and constantly analyze everything. This has a negative impact on my physical health,” says nutritionist Chelsea Cross Daily morning reading helps me start the day positively. You can follow the best diet, but if mental health is wrong, you will never make peace with your body.”

Breakfast is a compulsory meal

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“I always find time for quality and a slow Breakfast. I allocate 20 minutes for food and coffee without a phone and any other vehicles,” says dietitian Whitney Reyst.

Useful additives

Proper nutrition and regular exercise may not fully protect us against various diseases and give your body all the nutrients it needs. In these cases come to the aid vitamins and supplements. Nutritionist Stephanie Wagner uses supplements of fiber.

“They help to fill all the gaps in my diet. Adequate fiber intake plays a key role in our health. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels, and insoluble — promotes balance of the body. Both supplements help us feel full and satisfied,” says Stephanie.


Диетологи раскрыли секреты безупречного здоровья: шесть правил

If you sleep an insufficient amount of time or suffer from insomnia, it may affect the health, hormones and even the desire to eat. No wonder that the sleeping body will want to fuel up with food. This opinion is fully shared by Samara Abbott.

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