Nutritionists have called popular recommendations, which are harmful in diabetes

Диетологи назвали популярные рекомендации, которые вредят при диабете

The standard recommendation, which very often address people with type II diabetes, can only harm the health, convince nutritionists

Traditional recommendations for type 2 diabetes are not always useful. Nutritionists warned that some of them in this disease wrong.

First of all, it relates to a method for replacing sugar with honey. Medical effect on the body the same as sugar, because it consists of 98% sucrose, glucose and fructose. Diabetics can only one tablespoon of honey per day.

Диетологи назвали популярные рекомендации, которые вредят при диабете

Popular products for diabetics have negative characteristics – they have a lot of TRANS fats, which inhibit metabolism, and replacement of glucose by fructose, does not change the essence of the problem.

It should be understood that in hardly working pancreas metabolism is much slower, and this leads to rapid obesity. But the reason for this is not diabetes — tissues lose sensitivity to the insulin produced.

Physical activity that is recommended for diabetics, should be very moderate, hence the slow running, swimming, or Cycling can significantly reduce the level of sugar in the blood, muscles require glucose.

Type 2 diabetes is usually triggered by metabolic syndrome, which leads to uncontrolled weight gain, and insulin sensitivity is not the fat that is under skin and the surrounding the liver and pancreas. So the myths that a thin person cannot be diabetic -a lie and to gain weight may be suffering from diabetes and suffering from hypoglycemia.

Диетологи назвали популярные рекомендации, которые вредят при диабете

Therefore, the decrease in the level of blood sugar is less than 4 micromole per liter can be caused by a tumor of the pancreas. The result starts to increase insulin production, and it has anabolic properties, the body begins in response to store fat.

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