Nutritionist revealed the secret of oatmeal, many will have to refuse

Диетолог раскрыла главный секрет овсянки, многим придется отказаться

Known nutritionist told the whole truth about oatmeal

Nutritionist and endocrinologist Albina Komissarova has dispelled popular myths about oatmeal and told what kind of cereals you should choose and how to diversify your diet.

In order to obtain maximum benefits from oatmeal, you need to choose her a long cooking time: 15 minutes or more. This flakes extra 1, they are made from whole grains. This ensures that the grain has not been subject to additional processing and it has quite a large amount of fiber and b vitamins, writes Glavred.

Диетолог раскрыла главный секрет овсянки, многим придется отказаться

The composition should be exclusively cereal. Everything else can be add for more flavor.

The nutritionist also advised to pay attention to the amount of fiber in the composition (fiber) — the more it in oatmeal, the better croup.

The nutritionist also noted that the risk of leaching of calcium from the body cereal is still there. But this is not need to worry so much. After all, to fill this item can only using one tablespoon of milk.

Oats in the diet should be the optimal number. Not worth it to dwell and eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The human diet should be as diverse as possible, so that the body gets all the necessary micronutrients.

Диетолог раскрыла главный секрет овсянки, многим придется отказаться

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According to nutritionist, cook the oatmeal better with water or mixed with milk, you can taste not only the sweet additives, but for example, add grated cheese.

As for the “dosage” of the cereals, the expert advises to consume on average 50 grams of oatmeal in a dry form at a time.

Recall, the dietitian talked about pros effective diet: “you Can gain weight then.”

As reported Politeka why weight is: the nutritionist said the reasons.

Also Politeka wrote that the dietician told the truth about GMO foods.