Nutritionist revealed the secret: an overabundance of vitamin lead to cancer

Диетолог раскрыла секрет: переизбыток витамина приведет к раку

Upon receipt of this vitamin should be cautious

Ukrainian nutritionist project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” Svetlana FUS shared page on the social network important knowledge.

As you know, the vitamins enter our body with food, but there is a micronutrient which nourishes us from the outside. It is D3, it gives our sun.

People can get this vitamin directly from sunlight. It is in this way covered 80 to 90% of D3. Note, form D2 is provided to the body only through food.

Диетолог раскрыла секрет: переизбыток витамина приведет к раку

Vitamin D almost entirely from food digestible phosphorus and calcium, and micronutrient in the body remains only 10-15% of these substances.

Vitamin D not only helps to strengthen muscle and bone, but also to fight depression. With the help of nutrients strengthens the immune system, viruses and bacteria are not terrible.

According to FUS, even in the warm seasons still feel the lack of D. This is because people spend much time in the sun, and the food is poor in micronutrients.

To get a daily dose of D3, enough to spend 10 to 15 minutes under the rays. You need to consider is to go outside is between 10 and 15 hours a day.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to open arms and legs for sunbathing. And remember to “use” this form of vitamin D it is impossible to be smeared with creams with UV protection.

It is not necessary to dwell long in the sun, hoping to “soak up” the vitamin for the entire year. So you can only get burned. And people with light skin should be especially careful.

Диетолог раскрыла секрет: переизбыток витамина приведет к раку

Starting to get vitamin D start with a few minutes and stretch to 15.

Don’t forget that a long stay in the sun without consequences. Irregular UV radiation can lead to cancer.

We will remind, according to scientists, the ultraviolet radiation damage the skin cells and their DNA. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun the melanocytes (cells) secrete a pigment to protect the skin. Thus, we get sunburned, but when severe DNA damage melanocytes mutate into cancer cells. In the end, thanks to a healthy cell turns tan, and the sick — a tumor.

It is not recommended to overheat in the sun, and this affects the skin and contributes to wrinkles.

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