Numerology: do you have magical powers

Нумерология: есть ли у вас магические способности

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Each of us at birth founded amazing features that cannot be explained by known science laws. Find out what magical talents you possess.

How to calculate

You will need the full birth date – day, month and year. Add together all the single digits of which it is composed, writes If in the single-digit number, go to its description below. If a two-digit, turn it to single digits by summing up individual numbers.

The meaning of numbers

Units have amazing magnetism. They easily have to yourself, make a good impression when meeting. Endowed with the gift of persuasion and hypnosis that allows you to influence others.

Deuce – the owners of the “x-ray” view. With the development of relevant skills is able to detect the disease before the appearance of the first symptoms. Therefore, from the “twos” get a qualified diagnostician. In addition, they subtly feel the mood of other people.

Calling of the three, born with great energy potential, is healing. They treat others with its presence, but until then, I don’t know about your talent, are “at a loss” itself. If these abilities develop, the energy supply will be replenished automatically.

Have fours has the makings to magic and the occult. To do that, you will have to change their attitude to money. Banknotes and coins weaken magical potential, so you should use Bank transfer. Fours also have a large stock of internal energy that protects them from astral attacks.

Five have the gift of premonition. When important issues they should listen to the inner voice. If you develop intuition, knowledge will move into a new form – a vision of the future. In addition, the five conductors between the world of the living and the dead.

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Sixes are very sensitive, they see right through people, perceiving the slightest change in mood. Training concentration, six is able to recognize a lie. The next step is telepathy, ie, reading other people’s thoughts.

Sevens are prone to clairvoyance. They are able to read information from any objects and people that are even thousands of miles away. Able to see events past or future. Sometimes even to influence them. Often dreams are prophetic sevens, and with their help they manage to avoid unwanted events.

At eights amazing gift – contact with the information field of the Earth. But because of the “noise” there is a possibility of distortion of acquired knowledge, so they need to turn off extraneous thoughts and discard the detritus. Make it easy with meditation.

The Niners universe is endowed in full, giving them several innate abilities: clairvoyance, the ability to seek advice to a single information field and the quality of the medium. And the Niners have such a powerful energy, that in their presence even the possibility of failure of appliances.

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