Numerologist finally made the end of the world on November 19

Odious American numerologist David Meade decided to correct our previous mistakes, once again, set a date of the Apocalypse. It is the firm belief of the predictor, the end of the world will come on November 19 in Sunday.

MFA this fall only twice predicted the end of humanity, and both times suspense impressionable and gullible people ended in nothing. Except that, professionals in the field of psychiatry had to adopt a greater number of patients. However, numerologist claimed that he was misunderstood. In September and October, the mechanism of end of the world was only launched. But November 19, powerful tremors shake the planet and will be the beginning of the end.

As usual the foreign Ministry refers to the imminent and sudden appearance in the vicinity of the Earth the sinister planet Nibiru, inhabited by hostile akinak. The strongest gravitational field will literally blow up the bowels of the earth. Whatever it was, but scientists have long warned that man-made activities of mankind adversely affect the seismic situation. Production of hydrocarbons leads to the movement of lithospheric plates, which are increasingly becoming the cause of devastating earthquakes.

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