Nuclear explosion in Russia cluttered with the details: “there were…”

Ядерный взрыв в России обрастает деталями: «Их было…»

International experts say that the information about one explosion in Russia is not complete

This was stated by employees of the Norwegian seismological center, reports Reuters.

So, experts say that the first explosion was recorded with special equipment. The second commit failed, but talking about him infrasound sensors of air pressure.

Ядерный взрыв в России обрастает деталями: «Их было…»

“In the center is explained: seismic monitors record only what happened on the ground, and the second explosion allegedly occurred on the cruise missile, who worked on the radioactive fuel. It was after the second explosion, the Norwegian experts have recorded the increase in radiation level”, — stated in the message.

At the same time, Governor of Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov argues that the statement of Norway is “another leak”.

As previously reported, the network published a video which clearly shows a map of the radioactive plume from Russia passes through Ukraine, informs on his page in the social network, the Executive Secretary of the Treaty Organization the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban (CTBT) Lassina Zebra.

The CTBT has published an animated map with the probability of dispersion of radionuclides after the explosion of a rocket at the site near Severodvinsk in the Russian Federation.

The map shows the movement of clouds – August 15, it hurt the Crimea, most of the South-East and sometimes Central Ukraine.

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Further, the cloud continued up to the Chernivtsi region, also touched Kyiv region. From 15 to 18 August inclusive cloud flew over Ukraine. The map depicts the move from 8 August.

Lassina Zerbo also noted in comments to The Wall Street Journal that the two monitoring stations in Russia in the framework of the CTBT has ceased to transmit a signal after the explosion of a rocket under the Severodvinsk.

These stations are located in Kirov and Dubna, they are coming to the scene. The station ceased to transmit a signal in two days after the incident. Russia has blamed “communication problems”.

We are talking about the blast in Russia on 8 August at the landfill site in the Arkhangelsk region. In the result of incident killed at least five people, and soon in the region noticed the elevated radiation background.

Ядерный взрыв в России обрастает деталями: «Их было…»

Recall that radiation blast Putin is cluttered with details, the victims were more.

As reported Politeka, nuclear explosion in Russia turned out to be true: Putin finally responded.

Also Politeka wrote that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.