Nuclear blast Putin, as in Chernobyl: what will happen now with Russia

Ядерный взрыв прогремел у Путина, все как в Чернобыле: что теперь будет с Россией

In Severodvinsk exploded nuclear reactor in Chernobyl

So says the Russian writer, publicist Andrey Shipilov.

“The hard work of a security officer. So here it is, hiding information, secrets seem to control everything, and then BAM, some small clerk of the parallel institutions and takes all published, because the Agency forgot to warn you about secrecy,” begins a story writer.

In his opinion, this case forgot to warn Rosgidromet, which published a report containing a summary of the Severodvinsk.

Ядерный взрыв прогремел у Путина, все как в Чернобыле: что теперь будет с Россией

That’s one of the points of the report:

15, which takes in the Central part of Stavropol was noted uncharacteristic for atmospheric air, the smell of unknown origin (sense, corresponding to the level of AVS). Specialists of Stavropol CGMS – branch fgbi “North-Caucasian ahem” Hydromet were selected and the subsequent chemical analysis of atmospheric samples. According to the results of chemical analysis, the contents in the atmospheric air in the Central part of the city of pollutants (suspended solids, dioxide and nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, gasoline, propane, butane, methane, chlorine, hydrocarbons C12-C19) did not exceed the established hygienic standards.

Key words, according to the journalist, in this report are “radioactive inert gases”, which immediately provide answers to many questions and doubts.

“Inert gases only six. And what radioactive isotopes are and where they come from is well known. So, what could be?” — asks the writer.

Radioactive isotopes, which could give the cloud flying over the Severodvinsk must have at least two properties:

  • Their half-life should be from several hours to several months. If the period is shorter, the isotope did not reach, did not. If longer, the isotope is radioactive already nedostatochno to give a 20-fold excess of background “on the flight”.
  • The isotope should emit beta and gamma rays because alpha rays do not participate in the formation of radioactivity.

Immediately the author has excluded radon, Argon, Neon and Helium. And in detail stopped on Xenon:

“The Xenon has only two radioactive isotopes that could “fly” and give increase in radioactivity. It 133Xe and 135Xe. Both are formed in nuclear reactors, the more they have nowhere to take,” says the publicist.

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Ядерный взрыв прогремел у Путина, все как в Чернобыле: что теперь будет с Россией

According to him, if over the Severodvinsk really flew by “a cloud of radioactive noble gases”, so that no options were radioactive Xenon. Moreover, the xenon-135 because of xenon 133 in the nuclear reactions is formed with gulkin nose, but 135 on the contrary, is formed in sufficient quantity to be collected in the cloud.

Xenon 135 is formed in a chain reaction of disintegration of Uranium 235.

“This means under Severodvinska likely EBN*l nuclear reactor on thermal neutrons is approximately the same as in Chernobyl. The fact that this radioactive contamination was, obviously, significantly less than Chernobyl, is likely due to the fact that the atmosphere is gone only Xenon, and everything else drowned and diluted by sea water,” says the author.

He also suggested that this disaster will bring terrible consequences comparable to Fukushima.

“But “dilute” does not mean “disappeared.” When these things begin to emerge, and to what extent, only time will tell. But I suppose it’s comparable to Fukushima.” said the publicist.

Previously, few people in Russia because of a nuclear explosion began to find the effects of radiation poisoning.

As it became known, in the muscle tissue of people found the radioactive nuclide cesium-137. Only affected about six employees who spoke with the victims taken to Moscow. Because of this operating unit is shut down for a few days.

Recall that radiation blast Putin is cluttered with details, the victims were more.

As reported Politeka, nuclear explosion in Russia turned out to be true: Putin finally responded.

Also Politeka wrote that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.