NTS next year will bring double the camera with your smartphone

The Chinese Corporation NTS intends next year to avoid a sharp decline in the popularity of smart phones, returning them to the steam chamber. This emphasizes that the developers at the forefront will put quality progressive function.

Smartphones from HTC have recently been recognized as one of the leading gadgets in the segment of price-quality. Indeed, experts have noted adequate reliability and functionality of products at budget prices. However, in Chinese companies, given the market situation, tried to become legislators of technological fashion, when six years ago for the first time launched a smartphone with dual camera.

In the unanimous opinion of the expert community, then the use of the sensor for 3D effects has become a revolutionary step, but has not been implemented technologically perfect. Which had a negative impact on the image of the next product line. Two years ago, the STC has stopped the production of devices with binary Cams. Now, due to recent trends, the company is forced to return to the previous developments, the conceptual upgrade them.

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