“Now with the CoE*som at the plant in order”: the women came to work naked, hot video

«Теперь и с се*сом на заводе в порядке»: женщины пришли на работу раздетыми, горячее видео

Belarusian women can now plant “Belmash” work naked

At the plant in Mogilev “Belmash” the workers were allowed to work near the machine in only one swimsuit. All because of the extreme heat in Belarus. The plant also decided to do a video on this subject, as have women working at their machines.

«Теперь и с се*сом на заводе в порядке»: женщины пришли на работу раздетыми, горячее видео

In the press release of the plant noted that at the request of the women of the factory, the company management decided to change the rules of the dress code for this category of employees at the plant. At the factory you can see the women in bikinis now testing products. According to the rules, girls can be dressed in swimwear or lingerie, that should not interfere with core business. The rule applies only when the outside temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius.

The guide has already noted that the employee satisfied with the loyalty of management, and the productivity was higher by 20% in the whole team.

«Теперь и с се*сом на заводе в порядке»: женщины пришли на работу раздетыми, горячее видео

If this experiment succeeds, then these uniforms will be offered to men. The main result of the work at the plant.

The movie is a presentation of uniforms has become very popular. The video received in just a couple of days 373 thousand hits. It girls tested tools “Belmash” and posed.

In the comments users have noted that this is a good PR move and suggested that now the plant and the sex was okay. Nobody knew about the tools “Belmash”, and now a video with viral speed spread across the Internet. Also people notice that when working with heavy construction tools girls did not comply with safety and everything could sadly end. After watching the video several times, you may notice that in the movie and even advertise tools, but for the users it was hard to notice because of the beautiful girls that held it.

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