Now everything will be different! Zelensky have revealed “euroshare” the truth about the sanctions: what will change

Теперь все будет по-другому! У Зеленского раскрыли «евробляхерам» правду о штрафах: что изменится

Owners prostonarodnyj cars, “EuroBLECH”, you should think

The team at Vladimir Zelensky for owners of these vehicles made an important statement.

It is reported that while drivers can breathe easy and don’t rush to pull out your wallets – the fines for cars with foreign registration numbers will be delayed, according to a telegram-channel “Command Zelensky”.

Теперь все будет по-другому! У Зеленского раскрыли «евробляхерам» правду о штрафах: что изменится

At the same time, during this period will be urgently developed “adequate penalties for violation of the law”.

It is noted that today our country just filled the car with European plates. It is estimated that such bonded auto more than 800 thousand. However, the owners of “EuroBLECH” promise that from now on “things will be different”.

Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka recalled that about a month ago, Vladimir Zelensky addressed the MPs to support its initiatives and delayed severe sanctions for violation of terms of customs clearance of cars in the European rooms.

Ryaboshapka said that the people’s deputies of the VIII convocation refused to the head of state.

“Now, this bill is a priority. It will be submitted for consideration at the first meeting of the new Parliament. The Verkhovna Rada will support the bill and the penalties will be delayed”, – assured the Deputy head of the President’s Office.

As we wrote earlier, in August, was to change dramatically the lives of the owners “EuroBLECH” who will break the law. 22 Aug 2019 was supposed to enter into force the new fines for driving cars, which violated the regime of stay in our country.

So, for the delay from 10 to 20 days would have had to pay out of pocket 17 thousand hryvnias. In the case of exceeding the term of delivery vehicles to the border from 20 to 30 days have been a penalty in the amount of 85 thousand hryvnias.

Теперь все будет по-другому! У Зеленского раскрыли «евробляхерам» правду о штрафах: что изменится

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If a citizen would violate this period of more than 30 days, then he would have to pay 170 thousand UAH. When such violation could also confiscate the vehicle.

The law also says that there is a liability for transfer “EuroBLECH” in the possession or disposal of another person, as well as its use for commercial purposes. If there is recorded a similar offense, it would have to pay a fine in the amount of two thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens — 34 thousand hryvnia.

Now the owners of “EuroBLECH” given a little leeway.

We will remind, Ukrainians may lose their “EuroBLECH”

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Also Politeka reported that car owners expect svargaloka for old cars