Novinsky with colleagues met with families of victims in Odessa on may 2

Новинский с коллегами встретились с семьями погибших в Одессе 2 мая

1 may on the eve of the fifth anniversary of Odessa tragedy, the head of the parliamentary faction of the Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky arrived to Odessa to meet with members of the families of the victims, may 2, 2014

Also at the meeting with relatives has arrived the head of the party “Our” Eugene Moore and people’s Deputy of Ukraine Tatiana Bakhteyeva, said on the official website of the faction of political party “Opposition bloc” in Facebook.

The families of the victims of those terrible events still do not know the true causes of death of their loved ones and the perpetrators of the incident have not been punished. According to relatives, the investigative and judicial authorities deliberately shattered the episodes of the tragedy that divided the participants in the events of the 2nd of may, on political grounds, the result of the investigation was not impartial and fair.

According to people’s Deputy of Ukraine, head of the faction OPPOSITION BLOC in the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Novinsky, numerous attempts by the opposition to initiate the creation of Temporary Commission of inquiry on the objective investigation of the Odessa tragedy were enormous resistance to the ruling coalition, the current government is not interested in the fact that Odessa and Ukraine learned the truth about the events of may 2, 2014.

“The current government is blind and deaf to the investigation of the Odessa tragedy. She’s not interested in the fact that Odessa and Ukraine found out the truth, because if the investigation would be honest, it would have resulted in the highest offices of this government. So they are all murderers they cover as well as covered the murders on the Maidan. We have not forgotten anything, and we will do everything that the investigation of the Odessa tragedy was completed. Need it not those who died. It is necessary for us, the living to learn lessons from this terrible tragedy and be sure to punish those who were guilty”, — said the head of the faction OPPOSITION BLOC in the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Novinsky.

In 2014 year, the deputies of the Odessa region in the previous composition of the Verkhovna Rada managed to achieve the creation of the Temporary investigative Commission on may 2, which included Svetlana Fabrikant. However, according to her, the Commission was consolidated government and law enforcement to the criminal formalities, the reason Svetlana Fabrikant even withdrew its signature under the final report on the work of the Commission.

“The current Parliament is not interested in disclosing the truth about the Odessa tragedy and, most importantly, to punish those responsible for organizing the events on may 2, 2014. Today a new government must demonstrate openness in the investigation and to prevent speculation. Misunderstandings, innuendo, insults and lynching the end will believe only the truth,” stressed the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation Svetlana Fabrikant.

Due to the lack of objective and full investigation, the relatives of those killed on 2 may admit that five years feel like an outcast in his native state: their dead ones and those who are five years without convictions are sitting in detention centers Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson, the authorities and their supporters without the announcement of the results of the investigation are called traitors.

Today families have lost their breadwinners, are completely deprived of social support from the state. The relatives of the victims, including raising children, there is no one social status, for example, of victims of political repression, which would allow them, first, to obtain the corresponding benefits, and, secondly, to feel themselves as full citizens in their own country.

In the absence of social justice in relation to the relatives of the victims of the tragedy of Odessa Charity Fund of Vadim Novinsky took on the issues of financial assistance for rehabilitation of families with children. In addition, the necessary financial support in the beginning of may will receive 45 families whose relatives are in jail Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson.

Vadim Novinsky repeatedly demanded from city authorities of Odessa to do this earlier its promise to permit the establishment of two memorial plaques in the Greek area and on the facade of the House of trade Unions. In addition, the leader of the parliamentary faction has declared its intention to Finance the development of the project and the construction of a memorial chapel on the Kulikovo field in memory of all the victims of the Odessa tragedy.

Новинский с коллегами встретились с семьями погибших в Одессе 2 мая