Novinsky: We will support all initiatives Zelensky to peace and development of Ukraine

Новинский: Мы будем поддерживать все инициативы Зеленского, направленные на мир и развитие Украины

“For the longest time at the meeting with the President we discussed the date of the inauguration. This date is appointed by the Parliament, however, agreed with the President”

His impressions of the meeting with Vladimir Zelensky shared by the head of the faction Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky.

The meeting discussed several questions. The most important according to Novinsky was the discussion of peace in Ukraine. He assured the President that the Opposition bloc faction will support any initiative Zelensky, aimed at ending the war.

“We want the laws on the implementation of the Minsk agreements was voted as quickly as possible to and with the other hand in the East ceased to kill innocent people”.

The next important topic is the adoption of a new electoral code. The old system, as already noted Novinsky is the basis of political corruption, so the proportional system with open lists should become the new format of the parliamentary elections in the country.

Returning to the inauguration, the head of the faction Opposition bloc announced that Vladimir Zelensky suggested that the date may 19, and probably at meetings of fractions 13 and 14 may this date will be agreed.

Regarding the absence at the meeting with the President heads of some factions, Novinsky declined to comment on the likely cause of this, saying that his respect for his faction to the President expressed.

“We also wished the President success. Because he is successful in his post-will be a successful Ukraine”.

Also his faction would support all initiatives of the President aimed at this goal. However, if the policy of Poroshenko will continue, the faction will be in opposition.