Novinsky arrived at a meeting with Zelensky

Новинский прибыл на встречу с Зеленским

“The result of the election says that the people put the politicians cave nationalism, which was held by Petro Poroshenko and the team the last five years. And laid a great responsibility nanovibronix President Vladimir Zelensky and that he will change this situation. Put an end to the Policy of the division of society according to various criteria: regional, linguistic, humanitarian and religious” in an interview with journalists said the head of the faction Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky

He also said that the Wish of the political forces to the President as quickly as possible commenced the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “Started the peace process and began to execute it, not imitate, how did this Petro Poroshenko, who five years imitated the peace processes”.

The politician also believes that to fulfill the Minsk agreements need both sides.

“If it is necessary to have direct talks with the President of the Russian Federation it is necessary to do them. Do not pay attention to the cries of some of our nationalistic and to go to direct talks with the leader of Russia to make peace, to not killed people in the South-East, that we wish and expect from Zelensky of such a step”

Regarding early elections, the position of the faction Novinsky is that they were held under the new electoral code and that a mixed system is gone in order to eradicate political corruption.

“Because the majority system is the Foundation for political corruption during elections and the Verkhovna Rada after the elections”.

Answering the question about the chances of the faction in the parliamentary elections, Novinsky noted that Appblock will be in the next Parliament.

Also regarding the meeting with Vladimir Zelenskiy, which arrived today all the heads of factions, the politician said that the most likely topic of conversation will be setting the date of the inauguration. “Around this will go to discussion. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask their questions and requests to the President”