November 17, residents of the Urals will see a parade of planets

Russian scientists in space announced a unique parade of planets and large stars, which are residents of the Urals will be able to observe in the sky on 17 November. It is noted, in order to witness a unique cosmic event, you do not need to be in possession of special optical devices.

According to Russian experts, 17 July from 07:30 to 08:00 residents of the Urals will be able to observe in the Eastern part of the sky “the cosmic triangle” formed by Moon, Venus and Jupiter. For half an hour unique phenomenon will slowly disappear over the horizon, while the rays of the rising Sun will not Eclipse it. In addition to the “outer triangle”, residents of the Urals will be able to distinguish the sky from 4 satellites of Jupiter (Europa, Callisto, IO and Ganymede).

Parade rare cosmic phenomenon will continue in the skies over the Ural mountains in the evening of the same day. Meteor shower Leonids falling stars will be shown from 21:30 local time. So the city lights do not interfere with the observation of the parade of stars, it is recommended to go to the nature.

Earlier, astronomers were able to detect in the constellation Virgo, the planet on which earth year lasts a week.

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