Novelties of the 65th Music Festival Orford

nouveau-directeur-artistique-orford-musique(ORFORD) Each new artistic director of the Orford Arts Centre (now Orford Music) made its own color to the Orford Festival, and the Wonny Song, appointed last year to succeed Jean-François Rivest, is quickly see : nearly two artists on three among those invited to this 65th edition will be making their first trip to the shadow of Orford. For some it will even be a first stop in Canada and even in North America.

“I am sure that programming will be appreciated by many people. There really is music for everyone! “Says the artistic director, who had to make some difficult decisions. For example, the Orford Six Pianos concert, often sold out for ten years, was abandoned.

“I had tough choices and they were not made lightly. I know I can not please everyone, but it is expected that a new artistic director runs some risks, “said the pianist career.

Risks? Certainly. The French pianist Eric Le Sage is less known here than Louis Lortie. The Claremont Trio of New York does not have the reputation of Trio Hochelaga. And the duo of American pianists Anderson & Roe, which combines the classics to pop, has not mopped on Quebec scenes …

“Anderson & Roe well represent the kind of artist I want to invite to attract a new audience. Currently, they are superstars in the United States. They are very active on social networks, “commented Song Wonny about this tandem will play Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Coldplay and Radiohead in the same concert.

The Claremont Trio, the New York street name where the three live musicians (including twin sisters), is the only trio to have won the Young Concert Artists International Auditions. As for Eric Le Sage, “this is one of the best interpreters of Schumann and French neo-Romantic school,” says Wonny Song.

OOM series

In 2016, the Piano series from eight to five concerts, while Violin & Strings from four to three. Where are the four missing concerts? With a jazz and world music, which will include a concert by Oliver Jones farewell and return Quartango after five years of absence. The other three are the new Orford Orchestra Music series, which will feature the orchestra trainees, according to the will of Wonny Song.

Recall that the latter, since his arrival, has announced the creation of Orford Price to reward the best student (which will be chosen by the audience at the closing concert) and a tour of South Korea for the sixty musicians the OOM. “Thanks in particular to support Maru Festival, which will cover the airfare. This is the first time that the festival invites a youth orchestra. ”

Among the guest conductors face Jean-François Rivest, who will ultimately not stay long away from Orford. He will lead the OOM’s Symphony No. 11 by Shostakovich. Pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin also returns, this time to the interpretation of the second concerto by Chopin.

Two new faces for concerts at the abbey: the cons-tenor Michael Taylor and flutist Vincent Lauzer. Note also the return of I Musici which, I believe, had not produced Orford since 1999. And instead of a composer in the spotlight (as François Dompierre last year), three different composers composed works inspired by Richard Desjardins songs.

Rates remain the same as last year.

Buy 40 pianos

The winter has been eventful for the organization of Orford Music, says the CEO François Tétreault: the festival has lost the joint sponsorship Archambault and Yamaha, after selling Archambault at Renaud-Bray. The music store was lent every forty pianos at the Orford Academy trainees. Delivered in June, pianos off again in August.

“Pianists represent the majority of our trainees,” says François Tétreault, who admits to having a cold sweat during the offseason. “Buy 40 pianos, it’s a challenge, but it is now done and our new art director was very helpful. ”

Fall concerts and winter, established last year, is also on track to pay off. Several former artistic directors it have broken teeth above, the organization still suffering losses.

“Right now, we do not make money, but we do not lose,” says François Tétreault. “The last five concerts were even sold out. It remains the jazz dinners Friday, where it’s a little more difficult. ”

As for the branding change (the Orford Arts Centre has become Orford Music last month), it is made even the usual envelopes, with still an exchange service with Cossette, partner the mutation. “We are very happy with the result as it reflects our primary mission: music. ”

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