Notre Dame “wrapped” with a tarp: “the correct technique”

Нотр-Дам «укутали» брезентом: «верная методика»

A huge canvas tent stretched over the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged by fire

Square awning 600 square meters, and it needs to protect the historic building from the rain, according to the French news channel BFM TV.

Urgent work began on Tuesday, April 23, as forecasters predict, in Paris, the rain from the environment. At the beginning of the workers have installed a temporary frame that will stretch canvas painting.

Нотр-Дам «укутали» брезентом: «верная методика»

According to the contractor. The difficulty was to find the necessary material.

“Timing was extremely tight. Had to find the right method and pick up the material, which was difficult because of the Easter weekend”, – said the representative of the contractor.

He also added that he would have to sweat when tightening the tarpaulin, since the surface of an awning shall not accumulate water. “Water can create extra weight, which is dangerous for the affected buildings,” – said the expert.

It is also reported that this protective awning will be installed temporarily. In a few weeks the damaged Notre Dame Cathedral lay a new matter, larger. Then you can start to carry out remedial work inside the building.

As we wrote earlier, the greatest monument of architecture Notre Dame de Paris managed to save just before the collapse of the whole structure. So, Minister of internal Affairs of France Laurent Nunez reported that rescue workers arrived on the scene half an hour after the fire started, because the first call about the fire took about.

The fire started under the roof of the main building of a building, after the fire tried to get to the towers, but the rescuers prevented destruction of the Cathedral. After all, if the flames reached the wooden structures of the towers, which hold the heaviest bells, their fall would have led to irreversible destruction of the building. It is reported that the heaviest bell in the Cathedral weighs 13 tons.

Нотр-Дам «укутали» брезентом: «верная методика»

So, if not for the efforts of 20 firefighters, most famous works of the middle ages could not be. Employees of the rescue services took more than 8 hours to isolate any fire.

Previously, the CSU, working on the fire place in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, called the probable cause of the incident. According to the specialists the fire was located at the base of the spire. According to experts, the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. However, because of exactly what kind of problems there was a fire in Notre-Dame de Paris, they said.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame broke out the evening of April 15. Previously, the tragedy occurred due to restoration work which began here in early April. However, what was the cause of the incident is still unknown. According to preliminary information, ignited the wooden scaffolding that was installed on the upper level of the Cathedral.

We will remind, the fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral extinguished: now looks like the symbol of France.

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