Note to gardeners: how to water the tree before the garden is fully immersed in a winter sleep

Is it worth it to water the garden in the fall? Let’s deal with it.

На замітку садівникам: як правильно полити дерева перед тим, як сад повністю зануриться в зимовий сон

In autumn, the garden needs watering – it will help the trees to survive the cold. So don’t rush to hide buckets and watering cans: until the severe frosts, they still will be necessary, informs Rus.Media.

Why water trees in the fall?

Trees watered to saturate them with moisture, which evaporates from the surface of the leaves and branches. In the winter, despite the cold weather, the process of evaporation continues, although it is much slower. Therefore, trees that are not saturated with enough fluid before the winter, in the cold season under the influence of low temperature start “Volosovets”. To avoid this, plants need a good watering until freeze resistant.

In addition, the well moistened soil is a better conductor of heat and thus protect the tree roots from freezing.

How to determine whether to irrigate fruit trees in the fall?

It is believed that if the fall are frequent and heavy rains, be moistened wood is not necessary. However, it is important to consider what it was summer. If it was dry and arid, autumn rains will not be enough.

There is a more reliable way to check whether you need a garden at autumn watering. To determine the degree of moisture of the soil, to dig in the garden between the trees, the pit depth of 30-50 cm and grab a handful of soil. If it’s easy to form a dense clump, to water the garden is not necessary. If the earth crumbles in his hands – the garden needs watering.

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A more accurate answer can be obtained by putting a lump of earth removed from the pit on a sheet of newspaper or paper towel.

  • If the soil leaves a wet trace – garden watering is not necessary.
  • If someone is dense and moist, but a trace on the paper leaves, watering trees is still needed, but should reduce the amount of water by 1/3.
  • If the clod is dry and crumbles – the trees need a full watering.

Rules podzimny watering of trees

When watering the garden to moisten the soil, copiously. Watering in small doses weakens the plants. Mature trees should be watered so that moisture can penetrate the ground to a depth of 1-1,5 m. a Minimum threshold of 0.6-0.7 m.

At the young tree planted this year or previous, is usually about 40 liters (4 barrels of water. The older trees (10-15 years) should be 50 to 70 l of water, and most adults – up to 100 liters of water.

Watering during fall is important not to overdo it and not to add wood. Too much water can displace soil air, which often leads to the death of plant roots.

In autumn watering should also take into account the peculiarities of the soil on the site. Areas with poor drainage and a high groundwater table need to be watered very carefully. In this case, it is recommended to moisten the soil to a depth of 100 cm.

What is vologogradsky watering trees?

Vegetariani watering trees – this is pantoons watering, which should saturate the soil with moisture for the winter period. This procedure is particularly important for regions where the autumn is usually dry and the soil is often dry.

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Vologogradsky podzimny watering provides only enough moisture, but also creates the best conditions to ensure that the trees responded well to low temperature. In addition, the wet soil is less susceptible to freezing than dry.

This necessarily need watering fruit trees and coniferous cultures. Watering all the trees, preferably on a Sunny day.

When fall to water fruit trees?

Mass watering is carried out after leaf fall. At this time the temperature is reduced such that the roots of the trees cease to consume moisture in large quantities. If you hold the watering until the beginning of November, it is possible to provoke the growth of shoots, especially in young trees. In this case, the plants bad winter and not be able to give a good crop next year.

Usually a garden watered in October-November (depending on region). Therefore, it is best to focus on the fallen leaves and the air temperature: it should be in the range of 2-3°C.

Methods of watering trees in the fall:

Watering horticultural crops in different ways: by using a bucket, hose, methods of sprinkling or drip irrigation.

Buckets and hoses

When watering from a bucket is more convenient to subtract the amount of water that you make under the tree. But if the plant is large and requires abundant watering, and if you have a large garden, with buckets of every tree will not run. So it is much easier to put under culture hose. But if to dig irrigation channels, you can even arrange watering so that the water at the same time came to several trees.

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How to calculate the amount of water when watering from a hose? You have to place the hose into a 10 litre bucket and note how much time it will be filled with water. Knowing this, you can calculate the amount of time during which you need to water each tree.

Such irrigation methods are only suitable for flat areas on which water will not drain from the trees on the slope.


If the gardening area is on a slope, watering is best done by sprinkling method. So the moisture will soak into the soil more evenly. But take note that sprinkler irrigation increases the humidity around the trees, which is not always good, because it can lead to the development of various diseases.

Drip irrigation

This method is suitable for any area and is considered the best. Not to buy special irrigation system to water trees this way using punctured in different places of the hose. They need to be connected to the water supply or combine with the main hose and put a ring around the edge of the circle tree trunks.

Across the width of the wetted area under the tree should equal the diameter of the crown.

Each gardener is important to remember that with the onset of autumn work in the garden does not end there. After harvest of culture especially in need of proper care. So autumn so important to competently carry out autumn pruning and fall fertilizing as well as watering trees before the garden is fully plunged into winter sleep.

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