Not became one of the brightest stars of Hollywood: “glorified the legendary film “9 1/2 weeks””

Не стало одной из самых ярких звезд Голливуда: «прославил легендарный фильм «9 1/2 недель»»

The actress passed away at the age of 79 years

Died one of the creators of the famous melodrama “9 1/2 weeks”. On the eve of the world’s media wrote about the death of a famous screenwriter Patricia Louisiana NOP.

The name Patricia Louisiana NOP, primarily associated with the popular 90-ies melodramas such as “wild Orchid”, “two moon junction”, “Delta of Venus” and, of course, “9 1/2 weeks” with the legendary Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in the lead roles.

As you know, in the US the aforementioned erotic romance was nominated for three “Golden raspberry” — a “antistar”, it is usually “celebrate” unpretentious movie. But many viewers, including on the territory of the former Soviet Union, she relished.

Не стало одной из самых ярких звезд Голливуда: «прославил легендарный фильм «9 1/2 недель»»
Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in “9 1/2 weeks”

Не стало одной из самых ярких звезд Голливуда: «прославил легендарный фильм «9 1/2 недель»»

Patricia La NOP. Photo: The Wrap

It is known that Patricia La NOP has been married for 46 years and had two children – daughters. On the causes of death of the artist family the media has not reported.

Let us remind that on the eve died a 20-year-old actor Cameron Boyce.

The young Hollywood star died suddenly his death shocked the world — a promising actor died at the age of 20 years. We wrote about this tragedy — then friends told Cameron Boyce told the American media about the disease, which has caused the death of a young artist.

So recently in the world increasingly began to spread rumors that Cameron Boyce had long suffered from epilepsy. And today, Wednesday, July 31, experts officially confirmed the statement by insiders that the actor died due to sudden epileptic seizure. We will remind, the body of Cameron Boyce was found at his home in Los Angeles on 7 July.

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Не стало одной из самых ярких звезд Голливуда: «прославил легендарный фильм «9 1/2 недель»»

Recall also died a famous American musician. A DJ and producer Gregory shorter, Jr. died on July 29. It is reported that the actor at the time of death was only 39 years old.

American hip-hop producer was known for under the creative pseudo Ras G, he has worked with many representative of show business:

“He was a prolific musician, known for his psychedelic beats and the ability to create a “cosmic” atmosphere a few years of activity he has released 14 Studio albums and work with artists such as Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Open Mike Eagle”

He was one of the founders of the famous label Brainfeeder. On the causes of death the report does not say.

We will remind, found the body of a famous boxer.

As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

Also Politeka wrote that famous Russian musician, before his death he changed beyond recognition.