Not all Ukrainians will receive subsidies for heating: set the date of the reassignment

Не все украинцы получат субсидии на отопление: названа дата переназначения

Automatic reassignment of subsidies for the next heating period will begin may 1

This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko during the “hour of questions to the government” in the Verkhovna Rada, wrote on the website of the TV channel “Direct”.

Rozenko noted that a week ago the Cabinet made changes and additions to the system of subsidies.

“We made the decision that from 1 may for 90% of subsidiares the allocation of subsidies for new heating season will be carried out in automatic mode,” he said.

Не все украинцы получат субсидии на отопление: названа дата переназначения

Earlier it was reported that recipients Montesilvano subsidies that are not paid for utilities, will continue to receive “live” money on hand. This was ordered by the Cabinet at its meeting on 17 April, however, the relevant regulations not yet on the website of the Government portal. At the request of the recipient of a subsidy if it has no debt, it can be applied to the cash form of payment: the “real” money in a Bank account, but if the beneficiaries will have debts, it would be translated into non-cash form of payment. Funds to the account of beneficiary not available, and paid to the account of the Ministry of social policy in the savings Bank, and, therefore, the performers of public services in their “bids” — a register of charges. That is, the beneficiaries of “live” money did not see.

Не все украинцы получат субсидии на отопление: названа дата переназначения

It is noted that the project envisages the possibility to choose the form of payment of benefits immediately upon appointment.

“Subsidiary that do not have arrears for housing and communal services before may 1 will receive Montesilvano cash assistance. The debtor will not be able to exercise their right to the subsidy. When the applicant for the grant will repay the debt, it will automatically be assigned to the subsidy in the form of cash “, — stated in the article.

Officials estimated that about 13% of charged for payment through the savings Bank funds was never received by the addressees. However, as it turned out, the reason is not that the people ever to run for help to the office of the state Bank. Ukrainians complain that they are unable to receive benefits in cash in February and March. Refuse them for various reasons: the Most common problem — the differences between the real data recipient and sent to the savings Bank from the departments of social protection.

We will remind, the Ukrainian will rise in price of gas to a quarter of the price.

As reported Politeka, the Ministry of social policy plans in 2019 to initiate the creation of a separate body of control over the use of money allocated for subsidies.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians told us how to get a subsidy, if there is illegal debt.