Not all semi-finished products are harmful, but these foods that will help to eat properly

Не все полуфабрикаты вредны: названы продукты, которые помогут питаться правильно

Not all semi — evil, are quite useful products that should be consumed

Technology of production of semi-finished products and canned goods are developing along with the world and the trend to a healthy lifestyle is forcing companies to compete for customers and to sell healthy foods.

These products allow you to build Breakfast, lunch, and dinner quickly and even help to eat properly.


This is a dietary source of calcium, lactic acid bacteria, full of protein. That is, the curd is useful to girls who watch their weight, work out and take care of the strength of their bones and a healthy intestinal microflora.

Не все полуфабрикаты вредны: названы продукты, которые помогут питаться правильно

The product can be used as a sauce or the main ingredient of sandwiches, add to soup and turn it into a filling for pies or lasagne, mixed with herbs, spices, finely chopped vegetables.

Frozen berries

Packages of frozen shock way summer berries — a real gift for fans of the band, cereals and generally useful Breakfast. Thanks to the technology of instant freezing them to preserve flavor, and some vitamins with trace elements. Add to that the option of not washing and not to touch the berries, eat them all year round and always have on hand the ingredients for a helpful band — and the question of buying will be solved once and for all.

Tuna in its own juice

29 g of protein per 100 grams — significant, but not the only reason to eat canned tuna. Tuna in its own juice ideal in salads, on rye toast, as a main dish. Don’t forget that canned, even of high quality, contain sufficient salt and additionally salt dishes with the addition of tuna is not worth it.

Coconut milk

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First, coconut milk is quite fatty, so tasty zatoskoval it vegetables or seafood, but less rich in calories than butter or olive oil. Secondly, a staple of Thai cuisine contains lauric acid, which is familiar as a natural antibiotic and lady hormones. And modern scientific research suggests that plant-based saturated fats are not to blame for the development of cardiovascular diseases, but rather are recommended as a means of prevention of obesity and CVD.


Не все полуфабрикаты вредны: названы продукты, которые помогут питаться правильно

Get a jar of capers and make your own salads and sandwiches are tasty and juicy without adding fatty sauces. Just remember that before using them it is better to wash, and no salt dishes that are going to add the capers — they know how to make pasta or a salad tastes better without the extra spices.

Recall that scientists call the products that are best avoided before a date: “not having Sex”

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