Norway residents took video of the planet Nibiru, which eclipsed the Sun

Lately ufologists often say about the end of the world, which happens due to approach the Earth a mysterious planet Nibiru.

And while science does not preclude the existence of Planet X, the real evidence there is. And the approach of the object, which is much more our planet would have been long noticed by scientists.

But the virtual experts this fact is not alarming. On the contrary, ufologists believe that the Earth in the near future there will be a global Apocalypse due to Nibiru.

In Norway, the locals have removed on video as the mysterious planet Nibiru the Sun eclipsed. Ufologists immediately pulled down the video, which witnesses published online.

Inhabitants of Scandinavia shot a few videos, which can be seen as a luminary of the Solar system nearly half eclipsed by a strange object.

After analyzing video of the virtual professionals said that nothing strange in that they do not see, as long been talking about the approaching Apocalypse. A recent online videos are another proof of the existence of the planet Nibiru, which has already reached earth’s orbit.

Conspiracy theorists believe that NASA is aware of how about the Planet X and the coming end of the world, but continue to be silent and to hide from the public this important information.

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